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I know you’re struggling with your blog and you’re not alone. Content planning and writing doesn’t come naturally to most people but it’s what I do. I’ve been a freelance writer and digital content coach for over 10 years and I’ve worked with hundreds of clients in the same situation you’re in right now – sitting there at your computer, staring at that little flashing cursor, waiting for inspired content to start flowing from your fingertips. 

+ You convince yourself you just need another cup of coffee to kick-start the creativity but 3 cups later, there’s still nothing.

+ You think that a 1-mile (2-mile, 5-mile) run will wake up your mind and get things moving, but it doesn’t.

+ You feel like you’re so close to nailing it but first you stalk the competition online, you know, for “inspiration” only to find you ended up copying them almost exactly.

Finally, you break down because you realize that you are coming across like a late-night infomercial. So, you try a different tactic. You throw aside the knowledge that content is king and slash prices. Then, you advertise a huge sale faking urgency because spots are “filling up fast” even though that’s a total lie. Three days go by and still…nothing.

Isn’t it time to try something different?


(Page – $75+ , Bundle – $3000+

Includes copy tailored to your specific needs however popular requests include Home, About, Services, Contact, or Start Here pages. Bundled packages are available.



(Package – $375+)

Define your benefits, classify your topics, and plan a content strategy for 90, 120, or 180 days (or more). Includes blog posts, content upgrades, webinars, and more.



(Consulting – $700+)

*one-on-one custom packages are also available*

Find clarity in your message, develop a content strategy, create templates and spreadsheets, as well as keyword research, headline writing, script writing, and more.

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