Happy National Dog Day and Adoption Necessities

Happy Friday and Happy National Dog Day, friends!

Tonight Brandon and I are loading the pups up and heading down to Historic Fourth Ward Park for the Autotrader #ParkandBark event. If you’re in Atlanta, load up your furry pal and come see us. If you don’t have a furry pal yet it’s ok because they are going to have pups available for adoption.

You can also stop by the Atlanta Humane Society Mansell Shelter and adopt one like we almost did last weekend. Seriously. We went to the shelter just to drop off a few donations and almost came home with another dog. Her name was Evelyn and she was  4-month old American Bulldog mix. GORGEOUS! If we’d already bought our house she’d be ours but alas, we know that God is trying to teach us a lesson in patience. She’s a stunner though and I know she’ll find a home soon. *Praying*

As it is we’ve had our hands full with the two guys we have at home already. Lately we’ve had to work on breaking the habit (cue Linkin Park right there) of marking because they’ve become a bit territorial. Those rascaly dogs of ours. One of the things that has been recommended to us is a technique called “tethering” where the dog is leashed, at all times, either to me or to a piece of sturdy furniture. That keeps them confined to a small space where I can focus on corrective behavior. Each day they earn a little bit more space until eventually (hopefully) they learn to mark outside, not inside.

It’s a process. We’ll get there. I have faith. Although they don’t look too happy about it at all, do they?

Happy National Dog Day from Wilkins the Chiweenie!

I’m like 10000000% certain they will be much happier tonight when we are down at the park and I’ll be tweeting and instagramming pictures of the boys to prove it. The hardest part is going to be going there and not coming home with another dog. It’s so hard to resist though! I mean…those faces! OMG! I just want to smush and hug them all.

One day…

Last time we talked about another dog Brandon said to me, “Ash…we’re trying to buy a house and we’re trying to adopt a kid, we can’t get another dog right now.” I sniffled, “But…but…but…I want to save the world!” He just hugged me and whispered, “Me too babe.”

To which I whispered, “And we can. One dog at a time…”

That’s when the sweet moment ended and he just said, “but not today” and dammit…I was so close! I can’t help it. I just want #AllTheDogs.


So get out there today and love on some furry four-legged companions! Give them treats and lots of snuggles. Play a little fetch or tug o’ war. Scratch behind the ears and oh, if you’re feeling generous, maybe sneak in a belly rub or two.

It is National Dog Day after all, and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter or Instagram as I share pictures tonight of our dog day celebration.

If you decide to adopt today (or this weekend) don’t forget to stock up on these must-have new dog essentials.

Ashley LaMar
Ashley lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and two small dogs. If she’s not writing or blogging, she can usually be found cooking, reading, or watching baseball. She also loves horror movies.
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