Planning Micro Goals for Your Blog, Biz, and Life #Fullosophy

Dec 21, 2015 | 8 comments

Can we talk a bit about setting goals today?

I wasn’t always a person who set goals, made plans, or lived with a strategy (#truestory) but someone once asked, “Ashley…where are you going with your life?” and I responded with, “I’m not sure but I’ll figure it out.” They then, very sternly, said to me:

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Well, damn. It was harsh and I didn’t like hearing it. At the time I ignored it but as weeks, months, and eventually years, ticked by I was forced to admit that they were right. I spent far too much of my life floundering, just trying something to ‘see what happens’ and being really unsure about what I even wanted to see happen. Eventually, I put that attitude behind and now I live according to strategic goals and plans. These goals and plans have helped me learn to live according to my own personal #fullosophy.

Fulfill your #fullosophy by planning and achieving micro goals for your blog, biz, and life.

“Hold up! Ashley…what the heck is #fullosophy?”

I’m so glad you asked. 🙂

#Fullosophy is unique to each of us and it is your way of living that gets you to your joyfullest, delightfullest, peacefullest, hopefullest, cheerfullest, beautifullest, gracefullest, etc-fullest. It is the heart of who you really are and defining it helps you become the best possible version of yourself (and that’s something we all strive to achieve, right?)

Your #fullosophy won’t be the same as mine, or your friends, or your family members, or your co-workers. It’s yours and it’s special (just like you. *muah*) Before you go on though, would you do me a favor? Hop on over and take this (short, fun, exciting, helpful) quiz. I took it and since I’m about to talk all about it, it will be really helpful if you take it too. That way you can follow along and we can get a little #fullosophy perspective. Ready?

Take the LIFE. TO THE FULLEST quiz now.

Figure out your fullosophy so we can set some goals and get living your best life!

Did you take it? Really? Reallllllllllllly? Ok. Cool. Friends, that first question was so hard for me. What is the one thing that makes you feel the most fulfilled? Did you see how they emphasized most in their question? *Sigh* Way to make it tough on us, right?

I was conflicted over a lot of the answers. I thought about saying giving (since we gave a restaurant server a $100 tip the other day for Christmas) but I knew that wasn’t the most because if it was I’d give like that all the time in search of fulfillment.

I thought about saying community because that is a huge one (and we get a lot of community through blogging) but it wasn’t the most fulfilling, even though it’s up there.

Family was in the running but since my husband and I still feel a huge gaping hole in our hearts due to the loss of two pregnancies and our family still lacking children, I knew that wasn’t it either.

I settled on learning. Learning just felt right. I’m a bit obsessive about learning. It’s why I read as much as I do (history, hist fic, biographies). It’s why I’m obsessed with watching the Discovery Channel and the History Channel. It’s why I work freelance and have a side hustle in addition to my career. It’s why I’m always taking new eCourses, attending webinars, buying workbooks, downloading new software, checking out new apps. Learning something new fulfills my heart, my mind, and my soul.

It was that next question though. On a scale of 0 to 100, how would I rate how “fully” I’m living my life?

Planning Micro Goals for Your Blog, Biz, and Life #Fullosophy

I settled in on about a 60 – 65. I mean, I’m learning a ton every week but I still feel like I’m falling short. There is a ton of stuff I wish I knew how to do better (like InDesign and Photoshop) but then there is a lot of stuff I know how to do really well (like write blog content, teach courses, and write strategic plans) so overall I’m doing well, but not great. 60 – 65 sounded good.

On a side note though – WTH is going on in Japan that they are at a 96?!? (Teach us your #fullosophy secrets…)

On a second side note – Most people in the US said 65, or at least they did as of the time I took the quiz so at least I know I’m not alone.

Planning Micro Goals for Your Blog, Biz, and Life #Fullosophy

So, friends, what I want us to do is figure out how to build off of your #fullosophy and work toward achieving your goals.

Now, if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you would have seen yesterday that I mentioned a bit about micro-goals. After taking the #fullosophy quiz I want you to take a little bit of time to really evaluate your results. Two things I discovered about myself are that I’m motivated by learning and I feel that others succeed based on attitude and priorities.

My #fullosophy is this, “I find enjoyment through expanding my knowledge and learning new skills. I can accomplish this by evaluating my priorities and developing a more positive attitude.” What’s yours?

Fill in these blanks, “I find enjoyment through ______________________. I can accomplish this by __________________.”

Now, we’re going to set our first three micro-goals.

What’s a micro-goal? (You mean other than my favorite kind of goal?)

A micro-goal is a tiny goal. It’s something that is very small, totally management, easily attainable, that serves to get you started on the path of achieving your dreams.

For example: A dream is to buy a home. A micro-goal is to save $50 a month. Once you are able to comfortably save $50 a month you increase your goal to $100 a month, then $200 a month, then $300 a month, and so on until you achieve your dream. Micro-goals are designed to be easily achievable. If it isn’t something you can do simply, then it’s not correct.

For example: I want to evaluate my priorities and develop a more positive attitude. One micro-goal of evaluating my priorities is to write a list of the top 3 things that will help me learn a new skill in 2016. So, here I go…

  1. Take free email courses
  2. Sign up for ecourses with teachers I admire
  3. Sign up for Skillshare or

DONE. Micro-goal accomplished! (See how that works?) Micro-goals don’t really help you achieve your huge end goal as much as they do help you develop a more positive “you can do this” mind-set and get you focused in the right direction. To help me achieve my #fullosophy I have set the following micro-goals for myself:

  1. Create a list of the top 3 things I can do to learn a new skill in 2016. 
  2. Sign up for one of the things from my top 3 list.
  3. Buy a journal to record daily positives in so I have a reminder of growth.
  4. Tell at least one friend about my #fullosophy so I have an accountability partner.
  5. Create a list of my top 3 non-learning priorities.

So now, take your quiz so you can figure out what drives you, what you think others have that makes them succeed, and what obstacles are standing in your way.

Planning Micro Goals for Your Blog, Biz, and Life #Fullosophy

I want you to be extraordinary in all that you do. I want to reject any limits placed on your potential. I want you to take charge of your overall wellness and I want 2016 to be amazing for you.

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Now, go get your perspective and meet me back here on Wednesday so we can go over breaking dreams down into strategic goals then strategic goals down into micro-goals. There will be free worksheets and everything.

Let’s Talk…

  • Did you take your #fullosophy quiz? Did you find any of the results surprising?
  • How do you feel about micro-goals?

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