8 Unforgettable Gifts for Anniversaries

When you're ready to celebrate your anniversary, check out these 8 absolutely fabulous and totally unforgettable anniversary gift ideas. As a bonus, some of them can even double as a date night idea! | Anniversary Gifts | Anniversary Gift Ideas | Gift Ideas | Gift Guide |

This guest post is sponsored by Cloud 9 but all gift ideas remain fabulous and unforgettable!

Guess what? The big day is approaching when you’ll celebrate your anniversary. The wedding anniversary is a beautiful day, filled with love and memories of the years passed. Anniversaries have a long history and have been around since the dawning of time.

Time passing is a true sentiment of your love for each other and the precious vows you made. If you’re looking for a gift for your partner that signifies a beautiful life together, perhaps a memorable experience is the answer. Experience gifts involve making memories with each other.

Sunset Cruise

If you’re a lover of water and the sunset, a sunset cruise is a beautiful and romantic way to share a special evening together. The sunset is a beautiful phenomena to be cherished. Let’s face it, sipping on cocktails and enjoying some  light appetizers is the perfect way to sail into the night under a blanket of stars. This is a beautiful experience for any couple and makes a wonderful gift idea for your next anniversary.

Aerial Scenic Tour

Experience the horizons like you never have before with an amazing aerial scenic tour. Have a seat in your own private plane with an experienced pilot and catch a bird’s eye view of your hometown or favorite city. Flying like an eagle together will certainly take your relationship to new heights.

Food and Wine Tour

For the culinary lover and budding sommelier, experiencing a winery as a couple is probably about as romantic as it gets. Combine your dinner with amazing views is not only romantic but it is also an educational experience as well. The fruit of land and labor should enrich your appreciation for agriculture, drinking and dining.. Your taste buds will thank you too. Be sure to look up local wineries in your area, you may be surprised to find a vineyard a hop, jump and skip away.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hot air balloons are interesting and colorful. With such beauty and freedom in the sky, this experience will not be forgotten. Hold hands as you view the scenery below and reflect on your time together. You are given the benefit of an experienced pilot as well, so you are not alone in your ride. Allow yourself to see the world like you never have before.

Personal Chef for an Evening

If you’re looking for something personal, you’re in luck. You can hire your own personal chef for the evening with this experience gift. Stay in or visit a local hotel and allow your chef to prepare you an amazing four course dinner that will rival any other culinary institute out there. Cuddle and get close while you spend the evening in while you’re pampered with someone else doing the cooking for you.

Zip-line Adventure

If you and your partner are outdoor lovers, this experience gift is adventure at its best. Try the zip-line for a thrill of a lifetime. Hold each other’s hands as you jump off the platform and onto the ride of your life – much like your marriage. This thrill ride is an amazing way to get closer to one another as you view the scenery below. You will be given the full tour with a skilled zip-liner.

Visit the Spa

If you’re looking for something traditional that both of you will definitely enjoy, then get ready for cucumbers on your eyes. Take your partner and enjoy the amenities for a day with a couple’s massage, sauna and more. Relax together and take time to reflect on the years that have passed. You will never forget this experience and you will be refreshed.

Drive a NASCAR

You will both enjoy this thrill ride! Drive your very own Nascar as you race around the track together with the guided hands of a pro. This is definitely the experience of a lifetime that you two can have together. These cars go fast and you are able to sit and enjoy the ride as your pro drives. Feel your heartbeat in your chest as you fly.

If you are ready to experience your anniversary like you never have before, all of these ideas and more are waiting for you. Take time to be together as you experience life in a whole new way and prepare for the next year as a married couple. After all, it is time to celebrate this special time.

Ashley LaMar
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