How To: A Gift Basket for Weekend Visitors

Have weekend visitors coming in for a visit? Welcome them with a gift basket in their guest room and make them feel extra special!

One of the things I love best about where we live now is that we are halfway between my family in West Virginia and my family in Florida. Soooo, whenever anyone road trips it’s pretty inevitable they stop at our place for at least a night or two to visit and rest before finishing the remainder of their 18 – 20 hour drive. We also have friends that love to come up (down or over) to visit since Atlanta is such a fun city and makes a great vacation spot. 

It means we get to see family and friends pretty often (my Mom is in town right now!) but it also means that we have to keep a guest room ready at all times. Since we are still waiting for the adoption of our first child to be finalized it’s pretty easy (right now anyway) to keep that bedroom clean and waiting for its next guest.

Originally I just stocked the guest bedroom and bathroom with extra toiletries but I’ve started putting together small little gift baskets instead. If you want to make your visitors feel extra special when they come to see you I recommend trying it out. Read on to learn how to make the gift basket.

How to make a great gift basket for your weekend visitors (and you can do it all on a budget!)

Choose a Gift Basket

I try to choose petite baskets because I always leave them sitting on the bed by the pillows and a big basket overwhelms the space. The one pictured above is about 5 x 11 so it’s just about perfect. I prefer rectangular baskets because they allow me to tuck things in to the corners if needed. I also stack up baskets that I love because a lot of guests leave them behind and I’ll use them as extra storage around the apartment. See similar basket.

Add Something for Filler

Since you want the items in the gift basket to be raised up over the edge of the basket you need to put something in the bottom of the gift basket. You can use fillers like crinkle paper, gold and white crinkle paper, or tinsel but sometimes I like to use something a bit more special. For the gift basket I’m making this weekend I stuffed a thick scarf in the bottom of it so my mom can keep it too. 

Give Them Something Sweet or Salty

I always toss a snack or two in to the gift basket. You can add Godiva bars or small bites, individual-sized bags of popcorn, nuts, or other candies. You’ll know them best so just mix in something you think they’ll love. My mom tends to be a salty snacker but since I’m also a salty snacker and my apartment has salty snacks I gave her some Godiva chocolates in case a late night sweet tooth hit her.

What great ideas for gift basket trinkets!

A Small Token (I Give Mugs)

I stock up on extra cute mugs I can give out because everyone I know likes either coffee, tea, or hot cocoa and I keep a stock full of all three of them. Just stick a mug (like this cute one) down in front and surround it with beverage options. This basket includes Yogi Tea (relaxation and high energy so they have an evening and morning option), coffee (we love Gloria Jean’s Butter Toffee for our Keurig), and hot cocoa just in case. I have boxes of each one in our kitchen but I like my guests to know what their options are when they visit.

Toiletries and a Loofah

I have the guest bathroom stocked with toiletries like extra toilet paper, toothpaste, an extra toothbrush, travel-sized mouthwash, deodorant, and shaving cream but it’s nice to give a little preview in the gift basket. Depending on what’s in the basket already I mix the toiletries up. One thing I always include is a new loofah because who remembers to travel with their loofah? Not me, that’s for sure. I might remember a cloth but a nice scrubby loofah? Nope. 

Toiletries are a great idea for a gift basket for your guest room. Your weekend visitors will love you for it!

Super cute gift basket for your weekend visitors!

So cute! I hope she loves it. 🙂 

You will need:

What do you think of welcome gift baskets for your guests? What do you do to make your visitors feel special?

Ashley LaMar
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