Friday Favorites #8 (Home Command Center)

Jun 10, 2016 | 0 comments

You have no idea how much I love the concept of a home command center. I could browse them on Pinterest for hours (and I often do). I think it’s genius to have that one go-to space for a family calendar, menu, bills, documents requiring signature, homework, chore charts, to-do lists, etc. In fact, when we moved in to our most recent apartment I sacrificed major space in our dining room to set up a home command center of our own (even though we are only a family of two + dogs). When we buy a home next year a space for that same home command center is on the top of my must-have list (although if you’re smart all you really need is an available wall).    

If your home doesn’t have one yet then I really (like, really) recommend setting one up ASAP. It’s worth it and I promise you that your household will feel more organized than ever.   


So, what does a home command center need?

Well, see, now that’s the thing. Everyone sets up their command center a little bit differently based upon the needs of the home. I mean, we don’t have kids so why would I need a space for homework and backpacks? People without pets wouldn’t need a pet calendar. It’s customizable based upon your family needs (just look at all of those examples in my Pinterest board up there) but there are a few things that are pretty standard.

It’s those standard items I’m including today in my Friday Favorites.

These are my favorite home command center staples and, as a bonus, I’ve included a lot of Franklin Covey items because their annual sale is running for the entire month of June so you’ll get up to 80% on select planners, binders, accessories, and more! Plus, all orders over $65 will receive free shipping.

1 – Perpetual Calendar. I love these things! They are month and day only so you can fill in all of the birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions on it without having to update your calendar each year. You just flip to May and all of May’s dates are right there, those May dates like my birthday and anniversary. 🙂 

2 – Large Wall Calendar. I like to hang this next to the perpetual calendar to record doctor’s appointments, vet appointments, and meetings. I also use it to record concerts, festivals, movies, and other activities we intend to attend in the city. Super helpful! 

3 – File Folders. Obviously you can go with any file folders that you like but I prefer these great day of the week folders. What I love about these is that they don’t allow me to procrastinate. If it’s in the Tuesday folder then I know I have to deal with it on Tuesday. When I use standard folders or decorative folders I tend to loop in this “I’ll check it tomorrow…” mindset and things end up being late. Day of the week folders hold me accountable.

4 – Mesh Basket Ladder. I’m not sure what I would do without these things! I have them at home in my command center, in my home office for extra storage, and at work to manage all of my files. There are so many things you can do with these things! You can have one for receipts, one for bills, and one for papers to be signed. You can have one for permission slips, one for grades, and one for artwork. You can assign one to each family member. The possibilities are endless!

5 – Mail and Key Holder. You know that if you don’t have one of these your mail ends up piling up on the entry table, dining table, or kitchen countertops. Your keys are either lost on the surface of some table somewhere in your home or they are buried so deep in your purse that it will take you at least 20 minutes to dig them out. 

6 – Mini Cloud Cork Boards or a Large Cork Board! It’s inevitable; sooner or later you’re going to have to pin something (literally, like in real life, not on Pinterest) and to do that you need cork boards. I love the mini cloud cork boards because they let me assign a different topic to each cloud or assign a different person to each cloud but if you prefer a master board then that works just as well. 

7 – A Rustic Chalkboard. As an alternative to cork boards I recommend chalkboards. I like to have cork boards for photos, prescriptions, and other small written reminders. I use the chalkboard to share quick notes with my husband because they can be quickly erased and replaced. The one I pictured is only $14.99 so it’s affordable and functional.

8 – Home Rules Art. It doesn’t have to be the one I featured (although face it, it’s cute) but I always recommend a cute piece of family art, family photo, or family quote. If you don’t want to hang something you can also use a wall decal. Those are especially great if you live in an apartment and you want to minimize the nail holes in the walls.