Friday Favorites #2

Apr 29, 2016 | 2 comments

I’m back with another week of Friday Favorites! Also, on that note, how is another week gone? Already? I’m not ready for 2016 to go by so quickly however I am ready for May to arrive because next month I celebrate my 5-year wedding anniversary and my birthday so bring on the parties! 

This week has kind of been a blur because of having my wisdom teeth removed. I was so freaked out by it (as I think I’ve mentioned a billion times) the doctor put me under heavy sedation that knocked me out for about 2 straight days. Hooray for scheduling blog posts and social media #amiright? 

Anyway, here’s the best of the best that I’ve been crushing on this week:

  1. This fabulous spring dress styling from Style Miss Molly.
  2. These homemade zucchini tortillas because they sound delish for veggie tacos.
  3. Bible Belles (Heroes for Her) books for little girls. My niece will be getting these, no doubt.
  4. This Stitch Fix post from Hey There, Chelsie! (and yes, my own fix posts are coming back soon, thanks for asking.)
  5. These cute flirty aprons because aprons are kind of my thing (betcha didn’t know that).
  6. Baked parmesan tomatoes from Jo Cooks. These are one of my favorite snacks.
  7. The FaceTune app for iOS. This thing offers some major mobile editing and is absolutely worth the price.
  8. My new sandals because we have a Disney trip coming up soon!
  9. These yellow ankle pants because colored ankle pants are my new favorite thing for work in the spring.
  10. This video from Pedigree because it brings up all the feels!

And, a glimpse in to my Instagram from last week in case you missed it. 


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What’s going on in your world this week? Anything fun / special / exciting that you want to share?