Friday Favorites #12 (Zoo Inspired)

Jul 15, 2016 | 0 comments

I’ve been so zoo inspired lately! Last weekend we visited Zoo Atlanta and had such a fabulous time that it’s been the only thing on my mind all week. It was a beautiful day and all of the animals are so majestic. I feel like I could live at the zoo and be perfectly content with my life. I’m recapping our day at Zoo Atlanta next week but this week I decided to curate a collection of zoo-inspired Friday Favorites to get you ready.

Plus, I just really, really, really enjoy zoos!

My mom is a big fan of elephants so I did one collection just for her. As I’ve said countless times, I’m a big fan of giraffes so I did one for me. The last collection is inspired by big cats (lions, tigers, cheetahs, etc). 




Big Cat-Inspired

I wasn’t quite ready (fashion-wise) for our trip to Zoo Atlanta but I did my best to be themed (I know some of my fashion-friends will appreciate my effort). I picked up that Curbside lion tank for $30 so next time I’ll be totally zoo-themed! I’m also thinking that next time I’ll be wearing a big floppy straw hat because man, that would have made such a difference! It’s out there friends. Seriously. HOT. 

If you’ve never been to Zoo Atlanta then I highly recommend you plan a trip. I’ve been to zoos in Tampa, FL; Washington DC; Cincinnati, OH; and Birmingham, AL but so far Zoo Atlanta is hands-down my favorite. (You can see Zoo Atlanta and other nearby attractions on the cheap if you go with an Atlanta CityPass.)

Betsey Johnson