FreshStart Your PC with a Company that Gives Back

Bring your old PC back to life with a FreshStart!

When I’m blogging I use my laptop for:

  • Creating my editorial calendar (using CoSchedule)
  • Scheduling my social media (also using CoSchedule)
  • Managing Pinterest (using BoardBooster)
  • Preparing my newsletter (using MailChimp)
  • Creating graphics (using Canva and PicMonkey Pro)
  • Drafting my posts
  • Engaging in Facebook groups
  • Writing new eBooks (using Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat)

Obviously, my laptop is essential so you get why I’ve been super pissed lately that it’s been acting up! My husband told me I overwork it (I don’t) or I have too much stored on it (I don’t) or that I need to buy a new one (I’m not ready and besides, extending the life of my existing PC means that I am able to reduce my own ewaste) and I’ve been pretty cranky over it lately. My husband keeps telling me to just bite the bullet and buy it but I keep saying, “Maybe next week…” or “I’ll look around…” but I haven’t done it. Then, last week, Linqia emailed me about the opportunity to try FreshStart by CyberSpa which promises to make my #OldPCLikeNew. I figured, what do I have to lose? I mean, it will either work and I’ll be happy or it will fail epically and I’ll finally be forced to buy a new laptop. Either way, I was game.


How’d I FreshStart my PC?

CyberSpa offers to have a technician come to your house (for FREE!) to FreshStart your PC in less than 30 minutes but I work in software and was fairly sure I could DIY the FreshStart. I was right and honestly, anyone could do it because it was way too easy! I’m on Windows 7, FreshStart offers the option to upgrade to Windows 10 as part of the process but I turned it down for various reasons. 

Anyway, it took me about a half hour to FreshStart my laptop. My biggest fear when running anything that promises to restore my PC is that I’m going to lose a million things that are important to me so before I did the FreshStart I ran another backup of my blog, ran another sync to my iTunes and my WD MyCloud, and moved copies of files to DropBox. That took me about 3 hours but only because I’m paranoid about losing things I’ve worked on (novels I’m writing, blog statistics, free resources or ebooks, etc).

A few things to know if you plan to FreshStart your own PC:

  • You should be able to power on and boot to Windows. If your computer won’t boot to Windows (like my old one when I got the blue screen of death) you won’t be able to FreshStart.
  • It must be a laptop or a desktop PC. FreshStart won’t work on Windows tablets.
  • If you choose to accept the free upgrade to Windows 10 you must have the Windows 7 license key.
  • Your computer must be less than 10 years old (shouldn’t be a problem…right?)

How’s my computer after the FreshStart…

No joke, this thing runs better now than it did the day I bought it! I found a sick pleasure in telling my husband, “See?! I told you I didn’t have to replace her yet!!!” She’s showing her age, physically, but she runs great! For the last few months I haven’t been able to work with more than 3 tabs open at once because she would freak out and freeze but after running the FreshStart I was able to open 7 tabs and have my iTunes running so hooray me!


FreshStart by CyberSpa is much more affordable than investing in a whole new computer and it’s very easy! I was a bit scared it wasn’t going to work and I told my husband that I had accepted a sponsored post with Linqia to try out FreshStart by CyberSpa to FreshStart my PC and share the process with my readers. I reminded him that if it worked my PC would be better than ever but if it didn’t we’d be driving to BestBuy to buy a new laptop so I can pound out a blog post about what crap their service is. Obviously, it worked. 🙂 

If you’re noticing your computer slowing down or if it’s older than 3 years I recommend giving it a shot. If you don’t feel comfortable installing it yourself (even though it’s really easy) you can have a technician sent to your house at no extra charge to set it up for you. They won’t access your private files and they can do everything right there in your home. Totally worth it!

(Oh, and as an extra awesome bonus – CyberSpa is a company that gives back. All of their nationwide service providers are local contractors and all FreshStart kits are assembled by a charitable organization that creates employment opportunities for adults with disabilities. I love working with companies that have a heart!)

FreshStart FAQ’s

  • Will FreshStart work on my PC?
  • What exactly is a PC FreshStart?
  • How can I order my own FreshStart kit?

If you’re feeling frustrated with your PC like I was and you want aren’t ready / able to buy a new one right now I encourage you to check them out. They definitely changed my cyberlife! 

On Friday I shared a few of the things I consider blogging essentials when you first start operating your own blog. Included in that list of items was a laptop. I take my laptop with me everywhere I go and it is my #1 essential item although I recently had to FreshStart it because if I didn’t I was going to run it over with my car. I use it for work on the days I work from home, I use it to run my publishing company, and I use it to operate my blog. It is basically my lifeline. 

I bought my laptop in 2013 just before we moved to Atlanta because I turned my old one on and was immediately greeted with the blue screen of death. It was Dead. Gone. Annihilated. I’d originally bought it in 2006 so I couldn’t really be that mad. I mean, what laptop lasts 7 years these days? (It was Toshiba…in case you were wondering). When I bought another laptop in 2013 I bought another Toshiba and I’ve been super happy with it. It is durable and it does everything I need it to do which is impressive because I’m pretty demanding with my expectations.


Ashley LaMar
Ashley bounces between Atlanta, GA + Charleston, WV with her husband and two small dogs for life and work. If she’s not writing or blogging, she can usually be found cooking, reading, or watching baseball. Follow her on Twitter @ashleyfromfbl

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