Freaky Alarm: My New Favorite iPhone Alarm Clock App

I am not a morning person and I have trouble waking up so I had to resort to extreme measures. I recently installed the Freaky Alarm app on my iPhone and now my mornings are better than ever!

This post is not sponsored by Freaky Alarm (I seriously just love this app) but it does includes affiliate links which help support Far Beyond Love.

I am not a morning person, like, at all. 

I have a ridiculously plush and warm comforter I received from Lush Decor and I love to stay snuggled up under it. I have aromatherapy candles from Chesapeake Bay Candle on my night table. I have hundreds of unread books on the Kindle app on my iPad. Truly, my bedroom is a paradise away from the outside world. It’s what I imagine heaven to be like when I get there. That’s why, when my alarm clock sounds in the morning, I turn in to a complete monster and snooze it a couple dozen times before dragging myself out from under the sheets at the last minute. It makes for a terrible morning every morning.

I’m great at sleeping but I’m horrible at waking up.

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I use this Sunrise Alarm Clock on the weekends to keep me on schedule and to wake me up gently with a simulated natural light but during the week I need a full-scale siren to drag me out of bed. Freaky Alarm isn’t exactly a full-scale siren but it is does sound an alarm and it forces me to solve puzzles and answer math questions before it will quiet down. In fact, one of the options in the settings disables the volume controls on your iPhone from affecting the alarm. That means that once the alarm sounds the only way to shut it off is to solve the puzzles. No muting or lowering of the volume is allowed. 

If you struggle to get out of bed in the morning, then Freaky Alarm is the alarm clock app for you (oh, and did I mention that it’s only $1.99?!). 

How to use the Freaky Alarm app

It’s super easy, I promise!

Set your alarm times

The Freaky Alarm app allows you to set as many alarms as you need but I only have the one – 6:15am. I’ve learned that as much as I hate getting up in the morning, 6:15am is my sweet spot. This gives me enough time to shower, hold my devotions, walk my dogs, have breakfast, and finish getting ready for work. I’m not rushed and I feel good during the rest of my day.

If you need more alarms (for later wake-up times, reminders, etc) just click the + sign in the top right corner and set up as many alarms as you’d like for your day.

Why Freaky Alarm is my new favorite alarm clock iPhone app and how to use it so you wake up to better mornings and more time too.

Choose your settings

This is the fun part! When you edit the alarm you are able to choose your settings and configure it to be as easy or as complicated as you’d like to shut it off. I choose to turn it off by solving puzzles so I set the Wake Up! option (next to the puzzle icon) to Low.

I started out at medium but when you are able to test the alarm before confirming it and the medium puzzles were harder than I wanted to solve mere seconds after opening my eyes. The Low setting still requires me to draw shapes with my finger tips to trap numbers or to solve a basic math problem and set a clock to match the answer (example: math problem = 9 and 35 so the clock must read 9:35). It’s crazy but it definitely gets me out of bed. 

The Get Up! option next to the camera icon is a different option that requires you to scan a barcode in order to shut off the alarm. If you used this option you could set it to require you to scan the barcode on your shampoo bottle or a box of Keurig pods. The alarm shuts off only when you scan the object you set on this screen. 

The other options are pretty self-explanatory, right?

Why Freaky Alarm is my new favorite alarm clock iPhone app and how to use it so you wake up to better mornings and more time too.

Below is an example of one of those pesky puzzles I have to solve in order to shut off the alarm (my setting requires that I solve two puzzles in a row before it will shut the hell up). 

This puzzle says I have to “shoot out” or tap each of the numbers not required to add up to 17. Since 13 + 4 = 17 I have to tap the remaining numbers 12, 16, 6, and 10. If this is the first puzzle, a second one follows. If this is the second puzzle I am rewarded with blissful silence even though I’m now definitely wide awake. Lol. 

Just being forced to concentrate, think, and act wakes me up. It’s too easy for me to just roll over and tap my finger on the screen until it snoozes. Having to solve puzzles or engage with an activity wakes me right up. 

Why Freaky Alarm is my new favorite alarm clock iPhone app and how to use it so you wake up to better mornings and more time too.

I haven’t overslept once since installing this app although it is possible if you go to sleep with your phone set to silent mode or do not disturb.

Did you catch ^ that? It’s very important!  

If your phone is set to silent or to do not disturb mode then the Freaky Alarm is not able to sound and will not wake you up. It is a 3rd party app and it is not able to override the iPhone sound settings in order to sound the alarm and wake you up. You absolutely have to leave the sound on. 

I’m completely paranoid so I also still set the standard iPhone alarm to sound at 7:00am (the absolute latest I can wake up and still make it to work on time). In the event the app doesn’t work and I do oversleep at least I know I’ll be up by crunch time. 

If you struggle with waking up too, I recommend giving it a shot. It’s a $1.99 app so what do you really have to lose (other than a little bit of sleep since you’ll actually be waking up on time).

Ashley LaMar
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