Food Subscription Boxes to Get You in the Kitchen Together

Sep 9, 2016 | 9 comments

I love subscription boxes (#noshame) but I’m kind of new to the food subscription boxes. It always seemed so interesting but I am kind of neurotic about food and I wasn’t fully sold on the idea of a company shipping my food to me in a box. Eventually I realized if they aren’t shipping it to me they are shipping it to the store I’m buying it from so really, what’s the difference? Let’s try it! 

I researched a lot of food subscription boxes before I ordered from HomeChef (I’m just waiting for it to arrive). One thing I realized is that man oh man, there are a ton of food subscription boxes out there! Some of them I’ve never heard of whereas others (like BlueApron) are very popular.

It got me to thinking about those cooking classes that are offered as a date night idea.

Sur La Table, and a bunch of other companies, offer them as a way to connect with your spouse or partner over a love of creation and food. While those are all fine and well I realized that with these food subscription boxes you can basically recreate the exact same experience at home in your own kitchen, with your own utensils, in your own aprons, with your own music, while sipping your own wine. 

Want to have your own at home cooking class date night? You can totally recreate that experience with these food subscription boxes!

Want to have your own at home cooking class date night? You can totally recreate that experience with these food subscription boxes!

I know financial advisors (*cough* Dave Ramsey *cough*) recommend that you immediately cancel any automatic subscription services but let’s be honest, we’re not cancelling Netflix or Hulu and I’m totally in favor of subscription boxes IF you find the one that really suits you and your lifestyle. I think date nights, romance, and healthy relationships are totally worth the money. 

Just check out these food subscription boxes…

Oh, and remember that you don’t have to get these every month. You can order them on demand so it can be something you do every month, every other month, every 3 months, every 6 months, once a year, whatever…

It’s your box. It’s your subscription. It’s your schedule. 😉 

Butcher Box 

If you’re the meat-eating kind and you love grilling grass-fed beef and free-range chicken then ButcherBox may be something for you to check out. In addition to curated cuts of meet, ButcherBox also includes easy-to-follow recipes from the pros. They partner with chefs, nutritionists, and bloggers in the health and fitness community to inspire your grass-fed cooking.

Take advantage of the last days of summer with a grilling date on your patio. 

Grilling Date Essentials:

ButcherBox and other subscription boxes


Unlike ButcherBox, HomeChef is an entire meal (or, ummm, meals) in a box. They offer 13 different meal delivery options (including gluten-free, low carb, vegetarian, soy-free and nut-free meals) which is exactly why we chose to use them for our first food box. My husband is vegetarian and I only cook vegetarian at home. 

They ship you the box with everything you need to cook the meals. All you have to do is turn on the music, pour a glass of wine, don a flirty apron, and follow the directions. Easy peasy, right? 

HomeChef Date Essentials:

HomeChef and other subscription boxes for foodies


Hatchery is more of a tasting box than an actual meal plan box. They send you ingredients you’ve probably never thought to use before (like shallot oil or pasta rocks) and encourage you to break out of your rut and try new things.

You can use your own recipes, create a new recipe, or try one of their suggestions. Just remember that their recipes are suggestions so you will have to go shopping for the rest of the ingredients if you decide to use theirs. No big deal though, right? You can either incorporate the grocery shopping in to the date and do it together or treat it like an act of service (*cough* love language *cough*) and buy the necessary ingredients for your honey so it’s all ready to go when you get home. Your call, just have fun!

Hatchery Date Essentials:

Hatchery, a new take on the food subscription box service.

All right, now go for it! Pick your box and get cooking with your honey! It’s far more affordable than those cooking classes and you can do this from your own home. 

Oh, and make sure you tell me which box you ordered and what you made! Fill me in, I want to know how it goes. 😉 

Have you tried any of these boxes before? Which is your favorite?