I love discovering new companies that share my passions. I love being able to connect on a personal level with companies because they hit me directly in my heart by appealing to the things that I get excited about and that are extremely meaningful to me. When I was introduced to Eco Dog Care a few weeks ago I was interested immediately, especially after all of the health problems we’ve had with our Chiweenie lately.

He had a tumor (benign, thankfully), then he needed surgery on his rectum so I’ve been extra cautious with their health. There was also that report about Blue Buffalo using deceptive practices and lying about byproducts in their food. I’ve been really on edge trying to keep my dogs as healthy as possible.

At first I thought, “You know, maybe I’m a little over the top with this dog-care thing” but after meeting companies like Eco Dog Care I know I’m not alone. (Plus, I know from our photo sharing sessions on Facebook and Instagram that a lot of you are pet-lovers too.)

Dogs are family.

This boy is my best pal in the world. He’s always next to me when I’m blogging, he photobombs just about every picture I take at home, and he sleeps at my feet every night. This dog, Wilkins, is amazing.

Ashley from A Silver Twig with her Chiweenie, Wilkins

As amazing, sweet, lovable and 99% perfect my dog is, there is one tiny little thing that I don’t love him about him (and I mean that in the nicest way possible). He hates baths. I don’t mean he dislikes baths, I mean he hates with a capital H. Every time I try to bathe him I walk out of the bathroom with my arms heavily bleeding from the dozens of slash marks he gave me as a bath time present (admittedly, that’s a mild exaggeration but I am scratched and soaking wet).

He just wants to live dirty and he’s going to fight me every step of the way to cleanliness.

If he was an outdoor dog I wouldn’t care as much but he’s an indoor dog and he sleeps at the foot of my bed. At the foot of my ivory comforter covered bed! so no, dirty dogs are not allowed. He must be bathed, like it or not.

Oh, and did I mention he stinks? Like foul?! I don’t know why but he does. My stinky little love muffin.

Now, people have said, “Why don’t you just take him to the groomer?” and I respond with, “You obviously don’t know me. I’m not the kind of person to be bested by a 14lb chiweenie!” and so the fight continues…every two weeks.

Wilkins the Chiweenie after his Eco Dog Care Bath

A few weeks ago, just before I started to prepare to give my sweet raucous pup a bath I was skimming my e-mails when I saw a message from a representative of Eco Dog Care. She was offering to send me their shampoo and Simply Fresh spray if I would share it with my readers.

I thought to myself, “I don’t really need more dog shampoo but tell me more about this spray…” and “Share it with my readers? Mayyyyyyyyyyyybe, if I like it. I don’t share crap with my readers.” Honestly, you guys have no idea how much stuff I am sent or try that I never tell you about. I would never waste your time (or my time writing) on crap.

So, the Eco Dog Care shampoo?

It’s shampoo, friends. I mean, what can I really say other than it cleans my dog but he still hates baths. No shampoo in the world is going to make him like being wet. The cool thing about it though? It doesn’t contain any alcohol, phosphates, phthalates, parabens, DEA or synthetic dyes or fragrance. With all of the problems my guy has had to endure lately the last thing I want to do is cover him in synthetic dyes, fragrances, alcohol, or any of that other icky stuff. He needs to be as healthy as possible. I love that Eco Dog Care gets that.

But, that Eco Dog Care Simply Fresh Spray?

That stuff is amazing! Honestly, this is the must-have item because this is a product my dog doesn’t mind being sprayed on him (and he hates being sprayed with stuff, that finicky bastard).

This Eco Dog Care spray is an all-natural grooming spray that keeps my pup smelling good (and clean) between baths. Trust me, less baths means a happier dog and a happier me.  It’s also infused with ingredients like aloe vera and avocado to enhance softness & shine which make those tangled (for some) brush-outs easier on everybody. My pup is a short-haired dog (thank God I made that decision!) so I don’t have to worry about it but I’ve seen your pics, I know some of you have crazy hairy dogs. I feel for you. I do.

Even better? The spray includes peppermint, cedar, geranium & lemongrass, so it also naturally repels pests like fleas and ticks. What?! Yeah. NO FLEAS. I hate fleas.

Eco Dog Care Products

So, they sent me a sample product and my dogs got baths (both of them) which they hated but they also get sprayed down in between their baths to keep them (and my linens) smelling good.

Dog owners know what I’m talking about…there’s nothing worse than having your entire house smell like dog!

I love that they love my dogs as much as I do. Love your dogs? Check them out. I promise they love them like their own family!

Let’s Talk…

  • Is your dog a bath-hater too? Any tips to help me survive next week’s bath time?
  • Do you use any specialty products to keep your dog smelling good between bath time?