Easter Dresses

Spring Style: Easter dresses for under $100

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Last November I saw a meme about Thanksgiving that said, “Let’s all get dressed up in our best clothes so we can stand around Mom’s kitchen and eat.” It made me laugh much harder than it should have because it’s so true for my family and our holiday traditions. My mom is big about people dressing up for the holidays so we always have to bust out our best dresses and heels for holiday dinners and events.

Last year I was smart and I ordered my Christmas dress through Rent the Runway and now with Easter coming up, I was thinking of doing the same thing. They have gorgeous dresses for spring but in the end I decided to just buy a new one instead. Obviously I can’t speak for your family but my family usually spends Easter mostly outside because we are dying Easter eggs, going on Easter egg hunts, and eating at picnic tables so fancy dresses and heels don’t really work. It’s more of a sundress and sandals kind of event so I’ve been online shopping trying to find the perfect outfit for the holiday.

This year I’m struggling a bit with the whole “perfect outfit” thing because the pictures we took out on Lanier Islands really made me confront how much weight I’ve gained this past year. I feel like I have a good 20 lbs to lose and I need to tighten my muscles (especially in a few places) so I’m looking for dresses that are good at helping me hide my problem areas until I can get them fixed up. I want to hit my fitness goals by the beginning of July so I’m working on a “how much can you change your body in 90 days” kind of thing. Really, I just want to see progress in my arms and thighs. Regardless, these are the dresses I’m crushing on for spring this year…

I’m still trying to get Brandon on board the whole dressing up for holidays thing but he’s coming around. 😉 Currently he feels like it’s just an excuse for me to go shopping and if I’m being honest, he’s not totally wrong. I do like to go shopping with the seasons and Easter hits just as the seasons are really transitioning. It’s the perfect excuse to go shopping and buy new sandals, shorts, dresses, and maybe a new blouse or two.

My closet is currently looking pretty dismal and full of winter gear. It’s all sweaters, jeans, jackets, and boots where it should be florals and sandals. I’m working on it…I’m just so behind and out of touch with style these days. IDK what happened but somewhere in the last year or so it just fell by the wayside.

On a separate note, I’m super excited for spring food! I’m all about spinach, berries, and other fresh fruits / veggies that come back this time of year. Fall is fantastic but spring is where it’s at and, of course, it gives me the chance to make my favorite spring fruit “pizza” for Easter. I make it every year (as evidenced by this photo circa 2008…)

Spring Fruit Pizza on a sugar cookie crust

Happy Spring y’all!

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