Easily Order Photos with Walgreens Mobile App

Print and keep your family photos by quickly and easily ordering prints of your mobile pictures using the Walgreens mobile app.

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Last weekend while Brandon and I were driving home from our weekend at Lake Lanier I mentioned wanting to frame a few of the photos on my phone. In response, he laughed at me. The idea of me actually printing and framing pictures was apparently too much for him and he laughed and laughed. I was a bit offended and I could have argued that I would print and frame these but if my history is any indication it would be a year or so before I did it. Instead I changed the subject while internalizing a bitter, “Laugh at me will you? I’ll show you!” attitude over the photos.

As soon as we got home I combed through my pictures from the weekend and chose a couple to print and frame. There are a few of us together and a couple of the dogs playing by the lake that I want to put up on my photo wall at work. There were a couple of others I wanted to put on our dresser in the bedroom (although we are currently arguing over whether or not a TV should go there instead). 

One of my favorite photos from the weekend is this one I took of Brandon down by the lake. I happen to love silhouettes so this moment caught my eye as soon as I glanced up from playing with the pups and saw him standing there. I took about 30 shots of this same pictures because I wanted to be certain that I had at least one that was print- and frame- worthy. 

A silhouette photo of Brandon standing by Lake Lanier at Legacy Lodge at Lake Lanier Islands

Anyway, as we were sitting back at home watching MLB Opening Day and waiting for The Walking Dead finale (which was ehhhhh if you ask me because, frankly, I’m over the show. I’ve been done for about 2 seasons but I love Jeffrey Dean Morgan so I’m hanging around for now…) I opened the Walgreens mobile app on my phone and chose a few pictures for printing. 

I don’t use a lot of photo apps on my phone. I have Camera+ which I use to take all of my photos and I use Facetune and Bokeh Lens for basic editing and background blurring (when you have to get rid of that damn photo-bomber). That’s it. I’ve had others but honestly they just stress me out because photography isn’t my strength. I need intuitive easy-to-use apps and those do the job. 

How to quickly and easily order photo prints using the Walgreens mobile app

Despite having a Walgreens about three blocks from my office, I don’t do a lot with them other than print pictures (when I remember to actually print pictures, lol). I never shop there because their prices are much higher than my regular stores unless you’re a coupon whiz (which I am not). I do have a rewards card but I’m not sure what it does or how it benefits me. I just know I have one in my wallet. 

Yes, I know the app allows me to view their weekly ad and coupons but, #lazy. I keep up with the weekly ads for Publix and Target which is about the extent of the time I’m willing to invest in monitoring ads and sales. Otherwise, I’m busy and I just catch sales if I stumble on them.

How to quickly and easily order photo prints using the Walgreens mobile app

After clicking “Photo” from the app’s home page, tap Order Prints to order your photos. I almost always go through Minted or Mixbook for photo cards or decor so I can’t speak for Walgreens there but ordering photo prints is super simple. Once you tap Order Prints, you can choose the photos from your phone.

I always take enormous photos with my phone, which I’m sure is why I’m always running out of storage space, and my orders of a 4×6 or a 5×7 turn out great. I’ve never bothered trying to order anything bigger because my photography is rarely that great. If I need an 8×10 photo that badly, I’ll hire a photographer to take them.

How to quickly and easily order photo prints using the Walgreens mobile app

Once you’ve submitted your order the photos are usually ready pretty quickly. I’ve never selected the 1-hour option but the store near me has always had my pictures ready to go in an hour or two anyway. I just leave work and swing by the store to pick them up on my way home.

Today, I’m stopping by Walgreens to get them then making a quick run to Hobby Lobby to get frames as well. I fully plan to walk in my front door with the pictures already in their frames just to prove a point to Brandon that yes indeed I can take, print, and frame pictures without taking a year to do it. 

BTW, yes, I did once have a photo printer at home but I had no idea how to use it and only made a mess of my images. It’s just easier on me (and much more convenient) to let someone else do it. 😉

Ashley LaMar
Ashley lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and two small dogs. If she’s not writing or blogging, she can usually be found cooking, reading, or watching baseball. She also loves horror movies.


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