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Our experience attending the AutoTrader #ParkandBark event

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One of the things that we love most about living in Atlanta is how dog-friendly the city is to our four-legged little friends. When we lived in Florida we weren’t able to take them to a lot of places (other than a dog-beach and a single local cafe) so their little lives consisted mostly of being indoors. Of course they went out on their long walks but they didn’t get to experience life the way they experience it now that we live in a very dog-friendly city. 

Since moving here they’ve been to about a dozen different parks, all throughout the city, to a bunch of restaurants and coffee shops, and now we’re looking forward to heading out to Autotrader’s National Dog Day #ParkAndBark event. Until that big event (free dog treats, puppy ice cream, dog accessory giveaways, dog expert demos, etc. It’s basically doggie wonderland!) we’re keeping them entertained with little trips around our suburb. Last weekend we took them out to the dog park (I let them ride in the front seat but shhhhhh don’t tell!)

Getting ready to celebrate National Dog Day with Autotrader at the #ParkAndBark event in Atlanta

They love having any excuse to ride in the car. We used to have to crate them when we drove anywhere which was always a bummer but we didn’t really have a choice. Over the years we’ve stocked up on a lot of items specifically designed for the cars of pet-owners (like these 8 pet-friendly accessories) and they’ve become both more accustomed to riding along and safer when they are in the vehicle. Now, I don’t crate them anymore and we always take them when we travel. In the 6 years we’ve had our dogs they’ve been to Alabama, Georgia (Atlanta and Savannah), Florida, and West Virginia. They’ve been in the country, in the city, and on the beach. They get around, those dogs of ours. Lol. (If you travel with your pets a lot too you should check out these safety tips for traveling with your dog.)

This past weekend in Atlanta it was super hot but the dogs didn’t seem to mind at all. Naturally, they have to spend the first 15 minutes sniffing out the grounds but I usually pack a small picnic basket of snacks (for both humans and dogs alike) so my husband and I just chill and enjoy grabbing a few sun rays while the dogs sniff out the territory. 

Dogs at the dog park in Atlanta

The dog park we usually go to is typically pretty quiet but last weekend the boys were able to socialize a bit and they met a new friend. It was an adoptathon and I was so tempted to bring the sweet little thing home with us. We didn’t (I’m still bummed by it) but I’m considering trying again at the Autotrader #ParkAndBark event on August 26th.

The Autotrader #ParkAndBark event is going to have a dog adoption corner and I teased my husband that we might go down there with 2 dogs but we are likely coming home with 3! That earned me a look, a shake of the head, and a mumble about how 2 dogs is enough and we’re not going through that again. I still think I’m going to try to convince him, after all what’s one more dog? I mean, he said one dog was enough before we adopted Wilkins and now we can’t imagine life without the little guy. 

Adopting Dogs

We had a fabulous time at the park. They played and ran around and exhausted themselves which made us super happy because that meant we got the night to ourselves once we got home and they fell asleep. 

Next up on the doggie date night agenda is the Autotrader #ParkAndBark event. The #ParkAndBark event just sounded like a great excuse to have an outdoor date in the city complete with the dogs by our side. The #ParkAndBark event is at the Historic Fourth Ward Park (adjacent to North Ave. and N. Angier Ave, next to the Masquerade) on August 26th (National Dog Day!) from 5pm – 8pm. We figured we’d stop in there to check out the vehicles on display, grab some free dog treats and doggie ice cream, try to win a few of their dog accessory giveaways, check out some of the pet experts, and then grab dinner at one of the dog-friendly places in Midtown.

Ashley and Wilkins in Midtown

If you’re going to be in Atlanta on August 26th you should stop in down there and join us. Tweet me at @ashleyfromfbl and let me know you’re there and we’ll get the dogs together for a quick sniff & greet! 

When we were first invited to attend the event with our pups we jumped at the opportunity because our car was starting to have issues and we have been talking about being on the hunt for a new dog-friendly car. We’d seen this article about 5 great cars for dog lovers and wanted to talk to Autotrader’s resident expert and longtime automotive editor Brian Moody about dog-approved cars. 😉  As it turned out our car had other plans because the timing belt and the engine went out last week so we ended up getting a new one already. 

So now, rather than stressing over what kind of car to buy my husband is stressing over how to best protect our new car from any potential doggie damage and how to keep our pups safe while on the road. This article about 8 pet-friendly accessories for your car offered some great recommendations for us and we’ve already purchased a seat cover for our backseat and a pet ramp to help the boys get in the car. I also have a collapsible travel food and water bowl set for the dogs. If you have any other recommendations I’d love to hear about them! 

So, will I see you on August 26th to celebrate National Dog Day? I’ll be at the Autotrader #ParkAndBark event to honor the pups we love and help raise awareness about the volume of dogs that need homes. i’d love it if you’d join me and Autotrader especially since we all know that dogs are some of the best travel companions around! 

See you soon!

Ashley LaMar
Ashley bounces between Atlanta, GA + Charleston, WV with her husband and two small dogs for life and work. If she’s not writing or blogging, she can usually be found cooking, reading, or watching baseball. Follow her on Twitter @ashleyfromfbl

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