DISH from Nutrish by Rachael Ray

I put my dogs on the Dish by Nutrish line of Rachael Ray dog food

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A few nights ago I was lounging on the sofa for movie night with Brandon when a new commercial for DISH from Nutrish by Rachael Ray. I couldn’t help but feel curious about it because the claim in the commercial is that there is dried bits of real meat and vegetables in the food that you can see. I have heard other dog food companies make similar claims but after buying the food I find myself disappointed and frustrated by the misleading advertising. The dog food was used before is no longer carried by our local PetSmart store and since I love Rachael Ray, I decided to give DISH from Nutrish a try for my boys.

I ordered a bag from Amazon (hooray for Amazon Prime, #amirite?) and when it arrived my dogs went insane. I’m guessing their sense of smell is just really that intense because they do the same thing every time a box or a PupJoy box arrives. They knew the box was for them so they sat at the edge of my kitchen floor and waited patiently for me to give them whatever treat had just arrived.

I felt kind of bad making them wait but I wanted to inspect the food first. I have read a few online reviews from people upset claiming that DISH from Nutrish didn’t really have a lot of dried meat or vegetables in it but I strongly disagree with those statements. The bag I bought was absolutely full of meat and vegetable bits. 

DISH from Nutrish by Rachael Ray

I feed my dogs vegetables and fruits all of the time and I was hoping they would adapt to this food quickly.

Wilkins loves to eat slices of apple or bites of celery straight out of my hands. Tebow loves diced apple in his bowl or dried peas. During the summer I’ll pour chicken broth over little bites of vegetables in ice cube trays and freeze them for a special treat. When I saw the bites of vegetables and chunks of meat in the food I thought, “Oh, they are going to love this!”

When I put their bowls down to eat, Tebow dove in face-first but Wilkins dropped all of the meat chunks and vegetables on the floor and ate the regular kibble instead. I was  bit irritated by him but once he’d eaten all of the kibble he cleaned the meat and veggies off the floor. I guess he was just saving the best for last? I don’t know but they both licked their bowls clean.

My dogs loved the new DISH from Nutrish line by Rachael Ray

The food is definitely affordable (I mean, approx $25 for a 11.5lb bag? YES please!) and I saw it in Target the other day so I know you can probably find it in a retailer near you too.

Have you tried DISH from Nutrish by Rachael Ray? What did you think of it? Did your dogs enjoy it? 

Ashley LaMar
Ashley lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and two small dogs. If she’s not writing or blogging, she can usually be found cooking, reading, or watching baseball. She also loves horror movies.


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