How to Create a Work Space You Love

May 10, 2015 | 3 comments

Sometimes I feel envious when I’m online browsing Pinterest. I’ll often stumble upon these gorgeous home offices and find myself wishing that I could create a work space as beautiful and feminine as the ones I’m pinning. I work outside of the home and while I love my career I don’t love the space I work in. It’s ok but it’s not beautiful like those amazing home offices. I’m working on it (slowly but surely) and I’m adding little touches of things I love to help brighten the space and make it more “me”. 

Have you ever dreamed of having a great work space that you love? Well, here are a few quick ways to make that happen!

I have a window (yay!) but the interior is a cold standard office gray. There is no white and pink, no bouquet of fresh flowers, and certainly no hot tea in gorgeous tea cup (we’re forbidden from having open cups around so much technology).

Do you want to see a glimpse into my day-to-day work space?

Ashley Office

It’s gorgeous, right?

The wall you cannot see is covered with family photos. That pink print on the wall is my super-cute Minted print that reminds me to “work like a captain, play like a pirate” and naturally I have my Walk by Faith desktop calendar there under my monitors (yes, two). Oh, and yes, it’s always that clean. I’m super organized (except for those filing cabinets on the wall you can’t see but we’re not going to talk about those…). It’s not the most glamorous of work spaces but it gets the job done. I wasn’t complaining…but then I saw these pictures!

Office Spaces by

New York Office Space by


WeWork- Seattle

Seattle Office Space by

And suddenly, I’m not feeling so special anymore. Did you see those spaces? They inspire comfort, creativity, and productivity and I know why.

There are a few things that every joyful work space requires:

Color and/or Texture

Look at those WeWork coworking spaces!

The WeWork spaces in New York and London both have beautiful murals along the wall. The space in Seattle has that gorgeous wood grain table and did you notice those stumps for seats in the background? Lovely! My work space is mostly gray but I just know there are ways for me to incorporate more color. That Minted print is a great start but I’m also thinking that I could move those frames forward and put a big floral display in the corner. Of course, I can’t use anything live because water vases and technology don’t mix.

Natural Light

I’m lucky to have my work station near a window, others in my office are not so fortunate. It can be depressing on rainy days but on those bright southern spring and summer days when the sunlight is out and the trees are bright green it really does wonders to perk up the spirits! Each of the WeWork locations above have natural light streaming in, especially the location in New York. If you can place your desk near a window, do it!


This isn’t an odd as it sounds. Food or snacks during your work day are really essential to productivity. In that cabinet that I hid out of the picture I’m stocked with nuts, granola, and crackers. I typically snack at about 10:30am and then again about 3pm. In each of the WeWork pictures above you can see snacks, drinks, and plates of food. Keep a mini snack bar nearby to help fend off your mid-day snack cravings.

It may also help to work around a community of other creatives or professionals. I know that some people prefer to work alone but I find it helpful to work around other people even if I’m not directly engaged with them. That’s what is so fantastic about these WeWork locations. You can rent the common areas so you can hold meetings or conferences even when you run your own business or work from home. In my previous job I spent a lot of time traveling and we worked out of a lot of these on-demand offices. They are so convenient! It’s so much more professional than having someone meet you at your home or in a coffee shop.

Unfortunately, WeWork doesn’t have a location (yet) in Atlanta but I’ve already told them I’m onboard the moment they open here. I’d love to have a place I could meet my blogging partners in person.

*Update 04/03/16 – WeWork is in Atlanta!*

Let’s Talk…

  • Do you work from home or in an office?
  • Do you have any tips to help make your work space a place you want to be?
  • Would you ever consider renting an on-demand office space?

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