Do you set New Year’s Resolutions or create a word of the year? I’m a word of the year kind of person myself. I started a Word of the Year in 2014. Frankly, I was sick of how resolutions made me feel. I was tired of feeling frustrated if I wasn’t making the progress I thought I should be making. I was disappointed if I failed (ie: I’m going to save an additional $5,000 by June 1st). It felt like I was being set-up for epic disappointment, so I decided to quit doing it.

Tired of setting New Year's Resolutions and then failing miserable? Stop living according to resolutions and start a New Year word of the year instead In 2014, my word of the year was “Fearless.” I wanted to take risks, make changes, and do things differently. I embodied that during 2014 and I started a new career, launched this blog, moved to a new city / state, and took huge risks (that offered tremendous reward).

In 2015, my word of the year was “Love.” I wanted to focus my time and attention toward living a life that showed love toward others. I made a practice of being more charitable toward fundraisers and other donations. I made deliberate effort to thank people I was grateful for and to do kind acts whenever presented with the opportunity.

I can tell you, practicing a word of the year has been far kinder to me than resolutions ever were. It’s been healthier for me, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, because I don’t feel like I’m trying to hold myself accountable to some crazy impossible standard.

When I sat down last year to think about 2016 I had a harder time than I expected. I actually spent about an hour perusing trying to figure out just the right word. I ended up having to do it in a reverse order, I laid out a few goals and dreams for 2016, then worked backward toward a word.

So, what’s my word of the year for 2016?


There is a lot I want to accomplish next year for my blog and in my business but one thing I really don’t want to do is put myself on a backburner like I did this year. This year I really let myself down in a few personal ways. I got out of my workout routine and gained a bit of weight (because I was so focused on work / work / work). I pushed off appointments for haircuts, mani/pedis, and lunch dates. I didn’t spend enough time with friends. I just kept putting myself last. I wasn’t showing myself any love at all and I need that to change.

I’m not setting standing appointments for a mani/pedi and I’m not going crazy about trying to establish a new gym schedule. This isn’t about a New Year’s Resolution that says “work out 3 days a week” then feeling miserable when, only 3 weeks in, I only make it to the gym twice. This is about making myself a priority and taking the time to show myself the love I need. I want you to think about what you need next year.

What is your word of the year?

Do you want to live courageous? Maybe take the time to be more romantic? Learn to exercise more patience? Behave in a way that is more compassionate or charitable?

Think about it friends, what word to you want to embody your year next year? When you’re done, print it out. Once it’s printed, frame it by your bed, hang it in your bathroom, put it on a notecard in your wallet or handbag, set it as the backdrop for your phone, do something to make it stand out to you all year. Then, hop on over and download my free micro goal setting worksheets. They are great to help you brainstorm ideas to help you live according to your word (or His word (you know…our amazing God almighty), which I highly recommend.)

Embrace it, and love it friends!

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