Cats vs Dogs: Which is Better?

May 5, 2016 | 2 comments

Can I weigh in on the age-old dogs vs cats debate? I mean, over my lifetime I’ve owned both cats and dogs so surely that makes me an expert on the subject, right?  When I was born (way back in the day…) my family had a cat named Toby and a dog named Lucille. Over the years we had dozens of cats (Toby, Samson, Pooky, Shadow, Midnight, Cueball, KC, Ervin, Jinx, Jubilee, among others…) but only two dogs (Lucille and Yogi). I suppose I should also mentioned my family cycled in fish, turtles, an iguana, a mouse, a rabbit, and other critters as well. We were definitely an animal-loving family. 🙂 

Me with my cat, Jinx, in 2009.

Me with my cat, Jinx, in 2009.

When I met my husband, and moved to Alabama, I was forced in to a situation where I had to leave my cats behind. My husband had a dog and, since dogs are pack animals, we ended up getting a second dog. Suddenly, for the first time in my life, I had no cats and two dogs.  There are pros and cons both ways and honestly, if you ask me, it’s super hard to decide which one is better. I mean, people say that cats don’t care when you come home whereas dogs always greet you at the front door with their tail wagging. Although, when I had cats they used to be in the front window of my home waiting for me to get home from work and would greet me at the front door rubbing their faces against my shins. So…saying that cats don’t care is a straight-up lie.

Here are a few Cats vs Dogs things I have found to be true:

Cats are very independent vs Dogs which are extremely needy Cats will use a litter box vs Dogs which must be walked several times a day Cats are excellent at independent play vs Dogs which require that you entertain them Cats don’t really care if you’re pleased with them or not vs Dogs are devastated if you raise your voice Cats hate vehicles vs Dogs think a car is the greatest invention ever Cats will scratch everything vs Dogs will pee on everything Cats can easily be left alone vs Dogs should never be left alone (can’t trust them) Cats are way cheaper when it comes to veterinary bills Dogs are more protective and better security guards

Which is better?

Neither one is better. They are both awesome and, honestly, I miss my cats. I want another one. I’ve told my husband that as soon as we buy our house (hopefully next year) we are adopting a cat whether my dogs like it or not.

What do you need for a cat?

If you’re going to have a cat then I can not stress the importance of a cat tree (cat tower, climbing post, etc) highly enough. Your cat is going to scratch something I guarantee it so make it easy on him/her and buy them something they are allowed to scratch. When I had my cats I had a three-level cat tower that they absolutely adored. Sure, it’s a bit of an eyesore but if you are going to have a pet you have to treat them like a member of the family. Trust me, everything else you own will look a million times better.  Obviously, you’ll also need a litter box (the one I had used to be a covered dome which they also loved) and that’s about it. Cats are pretty simple other than toys.

What do you need for a dog?

Omg…is there anything that a dog doesn’t need? I swear that sometimes I feel like my entire home is dedicated to my dogs. I have two dogs and they have an indoor dog pen, two crates, two food bowls (because they won’t share), a water bowldog beds, blankets, harnesses, leashes, and on and on. It’s insane. Am I the only one? Really, no matter what you do with a furry addition to the family, you can’t go wrong. Which is better? The Cats vs Dogs debate FullSizeRender (1) Aren’t my dogs adorable? (and please, no jokes about my dogs being the size of cats because honestly I know cats that are bigger than my dogs. Lol.) Do you have a preference? Where do you weigh in on the cats vs dogs debate?

Where do you stand on the cats vs dogs debate?