The Career I Almost Had and…Map Art

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Once upon a time…I wanted to be a cartographer.

Cartographer (noun car·tog·ra·pher \kär-ˈtä-grə-fər\)

  • : a person who makes maps

I think the interest struck me sometime along late middle school. I just thought maps were so cool and I thought the people that made maps were even cooler. I was kind of a nerd like that (still am in many ways). I really got in to Geography and I loved the study of spaces (like in Geometry and Trigonometry) so Cartography just seemed like a really awesome fit.

Until I realized that there aren’t a lot of jobs out there for cartographers these days. I studied GIS mapping but it didn’t have the same appeal. I can’t help it, I just really have a thing for maps. I’ve even teased Brandon and said that if we ever have a child I’m doing a map-themed nursery. Not a “travel” theme, but maps.

All that being said…maybe now you understand why I was a little bit squealy when I saw the newest big thing to come out of Minted. You can now get a custom map print! Since Brandon and I have lived in three different states (and had two weddings in two different states) the idea of a map print really excites me.

How cute!!! I love these custom map art prints from Minted.

We first lived in Alabama for a year and that’s where we had our first wedding. Then, we moved to Florida for 2.5 years and had our second wedding. Then, we moved to Georgia.

I’m thinking of ordering an Alabama, Florida, and a Georgia print for our home. I think it would be cute to fill each map with photos of our best memories from each state and hang them in our bedroom.

You can also get a map of a specific neighborhood or  city (like this San Francisco map) but I don’t think I really want a map of Atlanta or either of the small towns we’ve lived in. I like the big state maps better.

Cute foil pressed map of San Francisco from Minted

I also kind of think it’s a cool compromise because I’ve mentioned buying a huge old world map for our living room wall to take up the enormous space behind our sofa, but every time I bring it up I’m given the ol’ evil eye from my abstract art preferring husband.

Compromise…it’s the cornerstone of any great marriage, right?

And…just for the fun of it, check out this cool map of California. It’s called…wait for it…California Love! (If that song isn’t in your head right now I’m not sure we can stay friends. #sorrynotsorry)

California love map art from Minted

So cool, right? I want one.

Let’s Talk…

  • What do you say friend, are you loving this map art too?
  • Where has your life taken you? How many cities / states have you lived in?
Ashley LaMar
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