This month I really slacked off on my reading. I did really well with my reading in March but I read quite a few disappointing books so I decided to slow it down a little bit in the hopes that I’d make better choices; I didn’t. Out of the three books I read in April I loved one, liked another and felt utterly disappointed by the third. Shall we recap the book recommendations for this month?

The Story of Land and Sea

I am stunned that this averages a starred review of 2.99 on GoodReads. That’s crap. The thing with this book is that it is split in to three parts and each part tells a different story. The first part is the story of John and his daughter, Tabitha. The second part is the story of John’s wife Helen as a child. The third part is the story of John. It disrupted me slightly when it shifted from part one to part two but I stuck with it. I had loved part one and I wanted to love it again so I kept reading hoping it would recapture my attention and it did. If I were to rate the parts separately I would rate them as part 1, part 3, part 2 because I really didn’t love Helen’s solo story although I didn’t dislike it. As the days go by I love this book more and more. It’s sad, but it’s fantastic. I loved it and it’s worth reading especially if you’re a fan of the literary fiction genre. Check it out on Amazon.

What a great book! The Story of Land and Sea

Helen of Sparta

I actually reviewed this in a solo month as part of a publicity tour. It had its pros and cons. It was a good book. It wasn’t stellar but it wasn’t terrible either. That review stated, in part, “I can’t lie and tell you that this book is phenomenal because it isn’t. It’s good but it’s not stellar. It’s a solid 3 out of 5 stars if I had to rate it that way. It’s flawed but it’s still a good read. It’s a unique interpretation of a well known epic legend and that is what drew me in. I love that Carosella actually attempted to make Helen a strong female character rather than the weak simpering girl she is in so many other tellings. If you’re a fan of Greco-Roman mythology or if you have any interest in the Trojan war or the legends of that time then this is a great book to read just because it offers a new view of the tale and the uniqueness of it makes it worth the read.” See my full review or check it out on Amazon.

Bride of New France

This book is a national bestseller and I expected it to blow me away. I wanted to love it but instead it comes up at the bottom of my reading list this month. It took me over two weeks to finish it and when I finally turned the last page my first thought was, “Well, I’m glad that’s over”. The characters were so flat and there was just no reason to be attached to any of them. Can I spoil something here for you? No? Well I’m going to anyway – everyone dies. Everyone but Laure and her “savage” friend (and the father of her baby) anyway. The thing is that I didn’t care when anyone died. We barely get to know them so it’s not like they are really missed. It’s dry and boring. Don’t bother with it (pick up The Story of Land and Sea instead). Check it out on Amazon (although I don’t really know why you’d want to).

Bride of New France

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