Bonding with Your Spouse Over the Summer Olympics

Aug 5, 2016 | 5 comments

Y’all, the summer Olympics open today!!! Please tell me I’m not the only one excited about this. It seems like almost everyone I know gets geeked up over the winter Olympics and I’m just over here like, “Can the summer games come back please?” so I’m glad they are here and I’m glad we’re finally able to do this thing. 🙂  Maybe I feel more love for the summer olympics because I grew up in the eternal summer state (Florida) and never really had the opportunity to connect with winter sports. Maybe I’m wrong. All I know is that in my house we’re excited for the swimming competitions, gymnastics, basketball, and other games. 

Oh, and we will definitely be tuning in for the Opening Ceremony! We love watching it. It’s always amazing to see all of the countries showing their colors and flags. So much culture and unity in one place, it’s just so amazing to see. The Summer Olympic Games are one of the things we really look forward to and I can’t wait to spend our nights cuddled up on the sofa cheering USA! USA! USA! and watching our best athletes trying to bring home gold. 

If you’re planning on taking advantage of the Summer Olympics for some serious cuddle time and bonding moments w/ your honey as you watch your country go for gold here are a few of our recommended Summer Olympic Essentials.


Dress up in your best USA gear to cheer on the men and women chasing their dreams and gold medals. We usually each get a new tee. I’ll add a pin and he’ll add a hat so we can sit around in our red, white, and blue getting excited over every medal (even the silver and bronze ones).

Don’t Forget Your Pets

When we get excited our dogs get excited so I dress them themed too. 🙂  My chiweenie doesn’t mind clothes so I’ll put him in a doggie tee but the chihuahua hates clothes so he just gets a bandana. Either way, they are dressed up and they may or may not get a treat every time the USA wins so they have a lot at stake in each game.

Celebratory Drinks

My husband and I aren’t really drinkers (usually) but when you win a medal after being up against the rest of the world that’s an occasion well worth celebrating. We’ll go through a bottle of wine (or two) or perhaps a few beers during the games. We may even take a few happy shots during the awards ceremonies or during those really special OMG! moments (like when Phelps won all his medals). We’ll toast, and cheer, and enjoy!

And of course lots and lots of snacks. 

We love tostitos and salsa (because honestly chips and salsa go with every occasion), USA-inspired cupcakes (think red, white, and blue or american flag toppers), veggies with dip (because you have to have at least one semi-healthy thing to eat), and grapes (just because we love grapes). 

It’s going to be a really fun two weeks around here. Lots of chanting, cheering, and celebrating (we hope!)

Are you ready for the summer olympics? We are and here are a few of the ways we'll be getting in some serious couples time during the games after all, a strong marriage is all about being on the same team.

Are you ready for the Summer Olympics? Will you be cheering on alongside us over the next two weeks? I’m excited to see the gymnastics, those people are incredible! 

So here we go…USA! USA! USA!

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