Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen (Book Review)

I recently started reading Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen.  I’ve had that book since it’s release and the movie for about a year and haven’t read/watched either.  It was time to finally get to it.  I read the book in two days and watched the movie the next night.  The verdict?  I loved the book…

Why Your Crush on My Husband Is Not Ok

Something happened a few weeks ago that I have debated back-and-forth about whether or not to share here on Far Beyond Love (formerly, Forever Ashley). At first I thought it was a private matter, but the more heavily it has weighed on me the more I feel the need to share and explain my feelings…

The Must-Read Books That are Actually Worth Reading

This post includes affiliate links. Thank you for helping to support Far Beyond Love! Would you believe I still remember a time when I could easily read over 100 – 150 books in a year? It was sometime way back when I wasn’t married, didn’t have dogs, wasn’t worried about a career, and my time was all…

10 Bible Verses For When You’re Feeling Hopeless

This post includes affiliate links. Thank you for supporting the brands that support FBL. I think it’s only normal for us all to feel a little bit hopeless at times. It’s not good, but it’s normal. Sometimes it feels like just when things are starting to go right and everything is coming up roses, something else comes along…

Sybil Exposed by Debbie Nathan (Book Review)

Sybil. It is one of those names that seemingly can’t be spoken aloud without everyone thinking of the young woman with the 16 multiple personalities who was the subject of a bestselling book and a television movie starring Sally Field. Every psychology student in America has read the book and/or seen the movie, analyzed the…

Jigsaw Soul by Scott Middlemist (Book Review)

I cannot remember the last time a book invaded my psyche like Jigsaw Soul did recently. I was consumed with Arthur’s story and his journey. I was consumed with all of the characters (Katie and Hank, Medusa, Aswas, and Patton were among my other favorites). They were in my head all day and I dreamed…

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