Weekend Links #18

Last weekend I sat down and forced myself to get my life organized. I went to the store and bought new photo props for blog photography. I bought a few new home decor items, did a bit of content scheduling, and finished my monthly meal planning. I’ve also started using IG stories while I’m cooking…

Triple Berry Cobbler

When it comes to dessert, we lovvvvve cobbler! In fact, my whole family loves it and I’m kind of known in our inner circle as the cobbler queen. I make a huge variety of them depending on what’s in season because they are just so dang simple. During the summer I make this triple berry cobbler pretty regularly. Just add a small scoop of vanilla ice cream and enjoy!

Tofu Jambalaya

Since my husband is vegetarian, I’ve learned a lot of different ways to cook tofu and make it delicious. Tofu absorbs the flavor of the food around it which actually makes it great to work with in the kitchen. This spicy tofu jambalaya is one of our favorite vegetarian dinners. Bonus, it takes one skillet!

Weekend Links #17

It’s time for another volume of weekend links! This weekend it’s all about DIY, ah-mazing recipes, and a little bit of blogging advice for the bloggers among you. I’m also sharing a couple of books I read and loved as well as a quick catch-up on my Instagram in case you missed any pics this week. Enjoy!

5 Laundromat Hacks That Make The Trip a Little Less Awful

For one reason after another, our new appliances kept being delayed and we found ourselves having to make trip to the local laundromat over and over and over again. I don’t know about you, but a trip to the laundromat is nowhere near the top of my “fun things to do on the weekend” list. Fortunately (or unfortunately, I guess), this wasn’t our first foray into the world of laundromat use and we have a few laundromat hacks to make the trip a little less awful. 

Hilltop Doc by Leonard Adreon (Book Review)

My grandfather, Virgil, fought in the Korean War and one of my biggest regrets is that I didn’t ask him more about it while he was here to tell his stories. Granted, he was never one to talk about his time in the war but I wish I’d have asked questions and encouraged stories. I feel like a huge part of our family history is missing because I never encouraged him to talk about his time overseas. This book made me feel like I was finally able to get a glimpse into those missing years.

14 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress

I’m doing everything I can to reclaim my time and reduce stress without dropping the blog completely (because I love it, ya know?). Right now, these are the 14 things taking priority on my self-care list so I can reduce stress and get things back on track. I hope you find them as helpful as I have and I hope to have everything sorted and organized again soon. Sometimes we need to step away and love on ourselves a little bit.

Weekend Links #16

This week I’m doing something a little bit new on Weekend Links. Rather than feature the books I’ve read in a dedicated post I am going to start including them here as part of the roundup. So, these are the links I’ve loved, the books I’ve read, and a quick catch up on my Instagram feed in case you missed anything this week!

Black Sheep Burrito + Brews

There is no doubt Brandon and I found our new favorite place in Charleston, WV in Black Sheep Burrito + Brews. From their street corn to their asparagus taco to their in-house brewery, this place is a total hidden gem! We have spent two months looking for our new go-to eatery and we have absolutely found it. Read on for our favorite items on the menu, a tour of their brewery, and a quick interview with Ross, their in-house brewmaster.

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