Weekend Links #8

I’m moving in less than a week! OMG. I know that I should get off the internet and, you know, be productive and whatnot but #blogs. I love reading them. The other day I actually said to my husband, “I wish there was something like Audible for Blogs. Like, I could just tune in and…

My Favorite Charities to Support

One of the first faith-related arguments that Brandon and I ever had was about tithing. We agreed that God asks that we give 10% of our earnings to the church but we argued about what “the church” actually meant. He insisted that it meant the physical church that you attend or a local church in…

  • Do you ever stop to take time to free write?hellip
  • COOKIE Because sometimes you need a sweet pickmeup to gethellip
  • As we pack and get ready to move Im keepinghellip
  • I couldnt let tbt end without a throwback to myhellip
  • This is one of the things Ive missed the mosthellip
  • This has been an extrahungry kind of day! Idk whyhellip
  • How often do you treat yoself? insert Parks amp Rechellip
  • The fernbankmuseum was one of the first places we visitedhellip