Keeping my Boys Healthy with #AvoDermNatural Small Dogs Formula

Keeping my Boys Healthy with #AvoDermNatural Small Dogs Formula (and a Schedule)

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In case you missed it, a few weeks ago I shared that my sweet little chiweenie had a tumor on his back, between his shoulder blades. It turned out to be benign but it still set our little family for a scare. Ever since then I’ve been mega-focused on the health and wellness of my little boys. They are already 6 and 2 which makes me want to cry when I think about. If you ask me, dogs don’t live long enough! After finding out that Wilkins’ tumor was benign I went on a stress-binge at home. I Googled and researched their food, their treats, their bones, their toys, and any potential health problems for their breed.

One of the first things I did was change their food.

I mean, it’s not that I was a bad fur-momma before. I didn’t feed them garbage and they never ate table scraps. I just knew I could do better. After I was invited to join AvoDerm Natural® and share their new Revolving Menu line I did a little bit of research about how it was going to affect my precious little guys. You have no idea how excited I was when I saw that they have small dog formulas! Unless you have small dogs you don’t know the struggle that comes with finding quality food that is designed specifically for their little bodies (and little teeth).

So, why did I decide to join AvoDerm Natural?

  • It varies your pet’s proteins so they don’t develop allergies
  • It’s specially formulated so there is no digestive upset with the protein changes
  • It’s grain-free, gluten-free, and contains avocado
  • It’s made right here in the good ol’ USA (no more dog food / treats from China scares)

Check out AvoDerm Naturals for your pup and get a coupon for $5 off your purchase.

I just stressed so much. I worried over everything. I felt like I was calling my vet 4-5 times per day stressing over every single little thing. I feel better about their diet now though. I also discovered that AvoDerm Natural doesn’t use white potatoes or other filler in the pet food so I feel more confident that my pups are getting the meat protein they really need from their meals.

I was a little bit concerned about the avocado.

I knew that avocado is a good fat which is beneficial for heart health and a shiny coat but I had also heard that avocado could be toxic to dogs. Was that really true? Could avocados be hurting these sweet boys?

Avoderm Dogs

Fortunately, they addressed the rumors of toxicity. AvoDerm shared this about the safety for their small dog formulas (and other formulas) to keep your dogs healthy. Dr. Art Craigmill, UC Davis, Professor and Extension Specialist in Environmental Toxicology has said that his studies and other research in the United States and Australia have shown that the problem of toxicity is in the leaves and the pit of the Guatemalan variety; the avocado meat of the fruit and oils have not been shown to be toxic. AvoDerm pet products do not utilize any Guatemalan variety avocados, nor does AvoDerm use any leaves or pits of any variety of avocados for avocado meal and oil. Hooray! So, I feel better. To be specific, their avocados come from California.

My Dogs Now Have Their Own Daily Schedule

Another thing I put together for my dogs after Wilkins’ tumor scare was their own daily schedule. I make sure each day that they eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at scheduled times. They have morning play, afternoon play, and evening play times scheduled. They also have two long walks scheduled. Their day looks like this: 7am – Breakfast 9am – 30 minutes morning play / training 11am – Long Morning Walk 12pm – Lunch 2pm – 30 minutes afternoon play / training 4pm – Long Afternoon Walk 6pm – Dinner 8pm – 15 minutes evening play / training 10pm – Bedtime It’s worked well for them. They seem happy. (I mean, just look at that face!)

Silly Wilkins

Thanks AvoDerm Natural Revolving Menu for helping me keep my sweet loving boys happy and healthy!

Check out AvoDerm Natural Revolving Menu at the following: WebsiteInstagram | Twitter | Facebook

Let’s Talk…

  • Do you have dogs? What about small dogs? How do you feel about avocado in your pet food?
  • Do you buy special small dog formulas or other specialty formulas for your pets?
  • What do you think of a “pet life schedule”? Do you structure your pets day too?


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