Weekend Links #14

All week I’ve been tied to my computer working on a couple of new courses I’m preparing to launch and planning my late summer garden harvest. Since we all need less screen time, I’m devoting this week’s Weekend Links to gardening and the great outdoors. Enjoy!

Quickly Schedule Pins Using the Pinterest Mobile App

Maybe it’s me but I hate using Pinterest on my computer. I prefer to pin while I’m lounging in my pajamas with my dog on my lap and a coffee in my hand. I used to think that scheduling pins meant I had to be tied to the keyboard but that’s not true at all. In fact, it’s incredibly easy to schedule pins using the Pinterest mobile app. Now, I can schedule hundreds of pins in the time it takes to get through an episode of Big Bang Theory!

Vegetables I’m Going to Plant in July (Zone 6b)

One of the first things I learned about gardening is to plan ahead and always know what is coming up on your planting schedule. I’m currently working on planning late summer / early Fall. If you live in hardiness zone 6b (like I do), here are a few suggestions about what to plant in July. This list isn’t final, but it does include my favorites. BONUS: There’s a fun quiz at the end of it for you! Check it out and be sure to let me know your results.

Weekend Links #13

This post includes affiliate links which help support Far Beyond Love Hi Friends! This weekend Brandon and I are exploring Charleston, WV because I want to check out Taylor Books, he wants to browse Sullivan’s Records, and I’m sure there’s a new restaurant calling our names. I absolutely have to get down to Sugar Pie…

See What I Have Done by Sarah Schmidt (Book Review)

The story of Lizzie Borden is one that almost everyone has heard and has an opinion on. Did Lizzie Borden really kill her parents with a hatchet? Was it the maid? Maybe an intruder? See What I Have Done by Sarah Schmidt claims to take on this unsolved case and give mystery lovers a fictional tale of one possible murderer. Did it live up to the hype it’s been getting? Check out my full review.

My Favorite Summer Sandals Under $50

I realized my wardrobe was looking pretty out-dated and it was time for a total refresh. One of the things I decided to update first was my shoe collection because I’m in desperate need of new summer sandals. I didn’t want to bust my budget on shoes so I’m eyeing only the sandals I can score for $50 or less. Right now, these are my favorites.

Using Grounding Techniques + Sensory Strategy to Calm Anxiety

My husband suffers from extreme anxiety that can, at times, be crippling. We have tried dozens of coping mechanisms and advice to various levels of success. Fortunately, we have learned a few different grounding techniques and sensory strategies to help us cope. These three are our favorites. Read through them and give them a try the next time you find yourself or a loved one facing an anxiety attack.

CBD and Hemp Treatibles for an Anxious Dog

Our dog, Wilkins, is such an anxious pup that we haven’t been able to take him anywhere without a complete meltdown. We were recently introduced to Treatibles (CBD + Hemp Chews) and decided to give one to Wilkins to try. A prescription of Xanax didn’t work but we thought maybe CBD would help alleviate his anxiety. After a couple of days on CBD, we felt like the owners of a completely different dog.

Life (+ a WTH to Ryan Reynolds)

Life (2017) featuring Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal was our pick for at home movie night – date night. Sci-fi and space movies are not my favorite genre although Brandon definitely loves them. What this movie lacks in originality when it comes to plot it makes up for in gruesome deaths, an open ending, and a giant WTH to Ryan Reynolds for this one particular scene. (This review contains spoilers)

Weekend Links #12

This week I’ve been focused on self-care and mental health. I’ve been trying to do more to help my husband manage his anxiety while also taking the time each day to do something kind for myself. These Weekend Links encourage the same.

Creating a Blog Reader Survey That Improves your Blog

After finding myself struggling with my blog’s identity, I decided to send out a mid-year blog reader survey to my subscribers. Creating a blog reader survey can dramatically improve your blog if you follow these top do’s and don’ts for creating a productive survey which generates actionable feedback. Just be sure to put on your thick-skin because no one likes a whiny blogger that can’t handle the truth.

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July from our family to yours! This is one of my family’s favorite holidays and it’s always a huge bbq as we celebrate our independence and freedom alongside our family and friends. Check me out on Instagram for a glimpse into our festivities.

Marvel Heroes Omega: The PS4 Game That Brought Me Back to Gaming

I used to be a hardcore gamer but the rise of co-op and multi-player games drove me away. Fortunately, I recently discovered Marvel Heroes Omega and I’m obsessed! It’s free to play, tween/teen friendly, and features a couch co-op mode so you can play with your IRL family and friends as you sit side-by-side.

Weekend Links #11

This weekend I’m sharing a few new recipes that I’m dying to try (ummm…brisket nachos anyone?!) and a really powerful essay about how growing up fatherless taught one blogger to be a kick-ass woman. If you ask me, it should be a must-read for women.

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