The Subscription Box my Husband Loves

Get your husband in on the subscription box action with this box I tried out with my husband. I ordered one BeanBox and he was instantly hooked!

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Every month press boxes, sample boxes, and subscription boxes arrive at my front door. My FedEx man knows me very well and my dogs don’t even bother barking over a knock at the front door. They just can’t be bothered but I still get excited every time I see a new box with my name on it. I’m full of anticipation wondering what’s in it but a few months ago I began to realize that I was the only person in my family that cared about box arrivals anymore. The doorbell rang and I jumped up only to realize the dogs were still sound asleep and my husband had barely stirred from the work he was doing on his computer. It was like I was the only one that heard the doorbell ring. 

I lugged my vacuum box in through the front door and proudly exclaimed, “Our Shark Rocket is here!” and…crickets. After a bit of passive aggressive irritation on my end, Brandon said to me, “Ash, I’m glad your vacuum is here. I’m happy that you’re happy but you have to understand that every box that ever arrives here is for you and your blog. The dogs and I, we just know to keep doing our thing and you’ll take care of whatever blog thing you have coming up next.”

I didn’t realize it was a big deal. I mean, it’s not a big deal and he didn’t care, but I started to imagine how I would feel if day after day after day after day he was receiving boxes full of stuff for him and I was left out. It’s kind of an odd thing to react to but I know it would get to me. I decided to make it my mission to find a subscription box that he would love and I did it! 

Guys…you have to meet BeanBox. It’s THE subscription box for artisan coffee lovers.

BeanBox is the must-have subscription box for coffee lovers.

Here’s a fun fact: The word “coffeeholic” was coined to describe my husband. 

Ok, so that’s not completely true but I wouldn’t be surprised to find that he somehow inspired it. He has been known to drink upwards of 10 – 12 cups of coffee in a day. I don’t know how he gets to sleep at night. I would be wired if I drank 10 cups in a day! It’s his thing though so who am I to protest? Drink the coffee babe, enjoy.

So, BeanBox is a company based out of Seattle that roasts and then ships amazing artisan whole coffee beans. When you sign up (starting at $17 / month) you choose your favorite roast and just wait for the box to arrive. The first time the box arrived I just sat it quietly on the kitchen countertop and walked away. After a few minutes he turned to me and said, “Aren’t you going to open your box?” The look on his face when I said, “Oh, it’s for you.” was priceless! It was a mix of confusion and excitement. “But I didn’t order anything…” he muttered as he crossed the room to open the box.

He opened up, so excited, and immediately started picking up the little bags of roasted beans and smelling the artisan coffee. Then he put it down and said, “But these are whole beans and we have a Keurig…”

Fortunately for him, I was prepared. I had already ordered this coffee grinder and these reusable Keurig pods from Amazon so we could grind up the BeanBox beans and brew the coffee. When I said that I pulled them out of their little hiding place in the hall closet with a flourish. I was so proud of myself. LOL. #ProblemSolving #WifeWin

Try these amazing artisan coffee blends from BeanBox

We still face the issue of running out of coffee (because he drinks so much of it!) but BeanBox is an awesome alternative to the stacks of pods in our cabinets. BeanBox comes out of Seattle (known for their coffee) and includes artful blends and single origin coffees from 20 world-renowned roasters, such as Herkimer, Zoka, Vita, Ladro, and Slate. It’s so good! I’m typically fine with the regular coffee pods we have in the cabinet but someone like Brandon, who loves coffee, swears he can taste a difference and looks forward to getting his box each month.

You can choose to get a sampler box which includes four roasts (1.8 oz each), or the the coffee of the month box (12 oz). We usually get the sampler so he can try a variety of artisan roasts but if there is one you particularly love then go with the single 12oz bag.

If you love coffee, BeanBox is definitely a subscription box worth looking into.

Do you subscribe to any subscription boxes? Which one is your favorite?  Visit BeanBox to order your trial box today!

Ashley LaMar
Ashley lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and two small dogs. If she’s not writing or blogging, she can usually be found cooking, reading, or watching baseball. She also loves horror movies.


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