My Allergy Attack Survival Kit

When you're suffering an allergy attack you need the must-have items from my allergy attack survival kit.

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For the last few days I’ve been convinced I am not going to survive to see the weekend (#dramaqueen) but that is what happens when your eyes are so watery that you  can’t see and your nose is so stuffy that you can’t breathe. An allergy attacks, it’s miserable! I never suffered from allergies until we moved to Atlanta even though we used to live in the Tennessee Valley and south Florida, both places known for major allergy issues.

If you don’t suffer from allergies, I recommend you fall to your knees and praise the Lord right now because they are absolutely awful. Plus, everywhere I go I seem to be leaving a trail of Kleenex in my wake. I have boxes of them in the living room, in my bedroom, in my office, and travel packs in my car. I bought a bulk pack of Kleenex from Amazon over the weekend because, honestly, I knew I was going to need them so why bother grabbing them one box at a time? At this point I feel like I would give up coffee and food if it meant I could keep my Kleenex so I just decided to stock up.

Oddly enough, this allergy attack seems to only affect me when I’m indoors which is just the absolute weirdest thing. If I go outside, my nose clears up, I can breathe, and it straight up feels like a miracle has befallen me. Then I step indoors and I become a congested mouth-breather again. If anyone has any idea what might be causing that (and no, it’s not my dogs), I’d love to hear it in the comments below. 

Over the last few days I’ve amassed a pretty essential allergy attack survival kit and since I know I’m not the only one suffering right now, I figured I ought to share it with you to help you endure the misery of this season.

Allergy attack survival kit

Allergy attack survival kit

Here are a few of my top essentials…


Have I mentioned needing Kleenex yet?

It’s like my nose is simultaneously stuffy and runny which is the most ridiculous feeling ever. I’m struggling to breathe because I’m so stuffed up but then I’m also constantly wiping and blowing my nose because it’s running. I have a box of Kleenex on my night stand, one of the coffee table in my living room, one on my desk in my office, and travel packs in my purse. As I mentioned earlier, I bought in bulk (from Amazon here) because I know I’ll end up going through at least 4 – 6 boxes before this allergy attack is over. 


I started using Aquaphor years ago when I had my first tattoo done. It’s fabulous for keeping the skin moisturized after getting fresh ink and my tattoos have all healed perfectly. Since then I’ve used it on my husband’s tattoo and on my feet/heels to keep the skin smooth. I also use it on my lips during the winter to prevent dryness. Since these allergies kicked in I’ve been applying Aquaphor to the skin below my nose to avoid that dry flakiness that always comes from wiping/blowing your nose too much (even if you’re using the Kleenex with lotion).

Aquaphor is seriously the best for healing dry skin. I cannot recommend it highly enough so stock up!


Obviously, #amirite? I bought the 24-hour tablets but I am finding that I’m only getting about 10 hours of relief so I may need to go and pick up the Claritin-D instead. Either way, 10 hours of relief is enough for me to get a solid night of sleep so I’m taking it and I’m celebrating because dang it, it feels good to sleep through the night! 

My allergy attack must have items.

Pain reliever 

I usually pick up Equate as a generic version of Tylenol because I rarely take pain medicine and it works perfectly great for me. I know others say that they need something stronger (like Advil) so grab whatever works best for you. Allergies cause sinus inflammation which leads to major sinus headaches which I find that I need something to help surpass. It’s bad enough to be fighting watery eyes and a stuffy nose, there’s no need to add a headache on top of it.

I mean, aren’t we suffering enough already?

A good book

I’m obviously not leaving the house in this condition so a stack of good books is a necessity since all I’m doing is lounging on the sofa, sniffling my nose, and reading while praying this misery ends soon. If you’re looking for a great read I recommend checking out this post of my favorite reads which I bet you’ve never read.

How are you feeling? If you have any other tips or survival gear necessary for overcoming an allergy attack I’d love to hear them! I’m dying here…

Ashley LaMar
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