5 Ways Cutting Cable Improves Your Marriage

Thinking about cutting cable? I highly recommend doing it and to help encourage you, here are a few ways it can improve your marriage!

On July 14th Brandon and I finally made the decision to cut our cable service with Comcast and I’m here today to tell you that cutting cable was one of the BEST decisions we’ve made lately. I mean, let’s face it, it’s not like their programming is all that great anyway. Most of the shows worth watching are either on standard TV channels you can pick up with an antenna or they are available with online streaming (Food Network anyone?). It’s also pretty great to have that extra money in our pockets each month. 

It’s also because Comcast is really, really, really horrible (and you would know ALL about our horrific experience if you follow me on Twitter). I’ll sum it up in this one tweet though:

Also, if you are having issues with them their corporate number is 615-750-8953 because, well, #themoreyouknow. Anyway, enough about them and more about us (and you, always you).

Cutting cable was a great decision. Everyone I asked about it kept saying, “We cut our cable 3 months ago (6 months ago…a year ago…2 years ago) and we haven’t missed it!” or they kept saying, “You save so much money!!!” so eventually we decided yeah, let’s do it.


5 Ways Cutting Cable Can Improve Your Marriage

We thought we’d appreciate having the extra money but it’s been about so much more than that. There are a lot of other benefits to cutting cable; benefits like (read on my friend, read on) these…

You reconnect with each other and have actual conversations

Do you remember those days, way back in the early days (or years) where you spent the time during your dates talking and getting to know each other? Or those times when you stayed up wayyyy too late talking on the phone (we did that because we were long-distance for a year)? Or do you remember when you used to be so excited to come home so you could fill them in on your day and ask about theirs?

What happened to those days? Personally, I think the screen stole those moments. Now that we don’t have cable we find that we talk a lot more. We talk about our day, about the dogs, about our personal and professional goals, and about current events. We share opinions (and we may occasionally disagree). We ask how we can better support or encourage one another. It’s pretty fabulous, you should try it.

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Your sex life and physical intimacy improves

Gasp! Sorry folks, I don’t mean to make you uncomfortable (if you’re one of those people that feels uncomfortable talking about sex) but this is the truth. When you don’t have the cable, and all of the really crappy television shows, distracting you you’ll find that you have far more time and interest in being physically affectionate with your spouse. There’s none of that, “But __________ comes on at 8pm!” or “Maybe when this show goes off…”.

It becomes about each other again and suddenly the entertainment you’re seeking happens between the sheets rather than on the screen.

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You actually get out and do more things

Omg…do you guys even know how easy it is to just sit and veg out all day long when you have cable? I mean, it’s bad enough when you have Netflix but seriously y’all, the laziness bug is so real and its bitten me more than a few times. Without cable the possibility of that is reduced (it’s not gone but it goes wayyyy down) so you get out and you do more stuff.

Bonus: you don’t have to spend the money you’re saving by cutting cable. There are TONS of free date ideas. In a few weeks I’ll be sharing a bunch of free Fall date ideas but for now I recommend you follow my Date Your Spouse Pinterest board because there are loads on there and more being added every day! 

Without cable to operate as a total clocksucker you find you have a lot more time (and drive!) to get out and do things together which encourages conversation and builds happy memories.

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You save a lot of money

I know…I know…I already mentioned this a few times and so mayyyyyyyybe it’s cheating (a little) but it’s such a strong perk that I would be remiss if I didn’t throw it in here.Y’all, we save almost $1,200 a year by cutting cable! Do you know what a big deal that is? $1,200? Just for getting rid of something we weren’t really using anyway? We’ve been married for 5 years so if we hadn’t had cable and we’d saved that $100 a month since the first month we were married we’d have $6,000 right now. I don’t know about you but that’s a pretty number to me. 

Or…take that money and do things together! Put $50 out of that $100 a month you’re saving and have a dinner out or go see a movie or go to the zoo or just do something. Hell, splurge and spend the whole $100 sometime. The point is, it’s money in your pocket instead of theirs.

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You stop filling your mind with so much junk

This is actually a super nice and kind of unexpected perk of cutting cable. Since we don’t have cable TV to watch anymore we’ve started doing other things to stimulate our minds again. I’ve started reading (and writing!) more books, we’ve started playing more games together, we work on puzzles, and we do more artistic/crafty things at home.

Instead of just watching brainless TV programming we are finding ourselves actually doing, thinking, and creating again. Do you know how good that feels?! SO good. Just, so good. I mean, when my mom was here visiting last weekend we created a woodburned tag for her new guest book for their cabin rental, and updated their website. I also created a welcome gift basket for her. It was all very nice.

And…since I’m not wasting so much time on TV I find that I’m actually cooking more new recipes (instead of binging on Food Network), I’m decorating our home (instead of watching HGTV), and I’m creating new things (instead of just watching the same old reruns of Parks & Rec). 

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Thinking about cutting cable? Do it! Your marriage will thank you for it.

Still not sure if you’re “cutting cable” ready? 

Don’t fret…we weren’t sure at first either. If you’re not ready to commit 100% to putting the remote down and walking away try it for a week. Try to go one week without watching cable. Just unplug the cables behind your TV so you can’t be tempted to just flip it on “just to see what’s on” and fall in to the cable watching trap. Read a book. Go for a walk. Play with your kids or pets. Bake something. Make something. Go somewhere.

I’m sure you can do it.

Oh…and to address two FAQ’s

We watch the news on the local channels because we spent a little bit of money on an antenna from Best Buy which tunes in to the local channels in the area. We also use various news websites and a news list on Twitter to stay in-the-know. How do we watch sports? Well, we are still looking in to that. Right now we’re good because the NBA is in off-season and we can watch the NFL game(s) we want at a favorite sports bar or two as needed.

So, what do you think about cutting cable? Have you done it? Will you do it? Thoughts? Pros? Cons? 

Ashley LaMar
Ashley lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and two small dogs. If she’s not writing or blogging, she can usually be found cooking, reading, or watching baseball. She also loves horror movies.


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