3 Reasons Your Dogs Need a PupJoy Box

Give your dogs a little extra loving today with a PupJoy box! We use them as training treats when we're working on new training exercises.

Thank you to the beautiful folks to PupJoy for sending my pups a complimentary sweet box of treats!

If you haven’t ordered your dogs a PupJoy box yet you’re missing out on a great pet service. Our second PupJoy box arrived a few days ago and I’m thrilled with the items they sent my pups this month. Unlike other boxes, PupJoy is personalized to your pet’s preferences which is why this box went over much better with our dogs than our first (I screwed up the first one).

For our first box I had asked PupJoy for tough toys because my dogs love to play tug o’ war and tear things apart. I thought they’d appreciate them but it was a fail. My dogs devoured the treats but they abandoned the toys. Honestly though, I should have known. I attended a dog event a few months ago and they gifted us with a tennis ball and tough frisbee toy, both of which sit in the dog toy box untouched. I also bought a tough pull toy a few weeks ago that they refuse to play with. I don’t know what possessed me to ask them to send tough toys when I had at least 4 or 5 untouched at home but I did and my dogs called my on my bullshit by simply refusing to acknowledge my attempts to play. 

This time around I did it right and I asked the folks at PupJoy to send soft toys instead. They sent an adorable plush frog and a little monkey. My chihuahua immediately snatched up the monkey and trotted off with him as if he’d just killed it and was going to hide his victim. I wish I had caught it on video because they way he strutted away with the monkey in his mouth, he was so proud! Ha! I don’t know where he took it so he is definitely hiding it on purpose. 

Our experience trying a PupJoy box

My favorite thing about PupJoy though, is that they always send amazing treats in their boxes. Their treats are full-sized packages of all-natural treats made in the USA. You can choose your treat preferences (organic, grain-free, or protein-sensitivities) and they send treats personalized to your dog’s diet. I’ve mentioned that I like to use dried raw foods for special treats and that my dogs enjoy jerky treats and look at what PupJoy sent (photo below)! They included a full-sized bag of chicken jerky, dried lamb lung with veggies, and  a mixed bag of dried bison, baked potato, and carrots.

I’d never heard of Give Pet but my dogs are loving those bison treats so I’m going to have to look around for more of them. They are small which makes them the perfect size to use as special rewards that the dogs have to earn by following commands during our training exercises. 

The puzzle toy they sent is fantastic! I love toys that keep my dogs little minds active and nothing does it quite like having to figure out how to get a toy to give up the goods. The green peanut they sent (weenut it’s called, LOL) is perfect for my chiweenie so I swiped some peanut butter around on the inside and let him to it.

PupJoy is such an easy way to spoil your pets without going overboard. You can sign up to get boxes monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly so it’s not a huge commitment and since the box is tailored specifically to your requests for your pet there is none of that deciding what to keep and returning the rest nonsense. You open the box, love it, and keep it all. 

If you have dogs and you haven’t tried PupJoy for yourselves, let me tell you the top 3 reasons I think you should reconsider.

Truly personalized to you

The boxes are personalized to your preferences for your pet and the staff at PupJoy truly seem to consider your comments, feedback, and requests. I specifically said that I have two dogs and I like natural treats especially dried raw food, plush toys, and training items. They sent me 3 bags of natural treats including 2 bags of dried protein, two plush toys (for 2 dogs) and a puzzle treat dispenser. The boxes don’t feel pre-made for “big dogs” and “little dogs”. They really feel like it was a box tailored just for you.

PupJoy is socially conscious

They are socially conscious and give back to rescue organizations through their relationship with the Bissell Pet Foundation. A portion of your purchase is used to save the lives of other pets and knowing that makes me more loyal to a company. I appreciate companies that go the extra mile. 🙂

Customer Rewards

You get some great rewards as a PupJoy customer including account credit for every friend you refer, cashback on every purchase and renewal, and it’s all risk-free since you can skip, edit, or cancel your subscription at any time. Their customer service is incredibly responsive and very helpful. Whether it’s been a simple question about my account, or about a product, they are easy to work with and kind. They also have a page on their website you can visit to review the details of a product once you’ve received it. 

Trying PupJoy for small dogs

Have you tried PupJoy? If not, get on over there and give it a try. I promise you and your pup will love them!

Ashley LaMar
Ashley lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and two small dogs. If she’s not writing or blogging, she can usually be found cooking, reading, or watching baseball. She also loves horror movies.


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